The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

November 11, 2005 Issue #354

"...before I built a wall, I'd ask to know what
I was walling in or walling out..." - Robert Frost
Wal-Mart caught in employment Fat Tax Debate. A serious debate is behind the company’s internal memo. Poor health choices cost money. Who should pay for those who take those risks?
Obese Man Wins Work Lawsuit. Jury said, "We wanted to send a message that you can't do this to people."
Some Rare Good News on the Obesity Front. By John Luik. was all in all a good week for sound science in the service of responsible public policy.
Hamburgers cause asthma in kids. Other takeaway food and fizzy drinks also increase the chances of getting asthma, doctors found.

On the Ends Justifying the Means: Discrimination Against Smokers as a Prime Example. By Michael Siegel. In many ways, I believe we (the tobacco control movement) are the ones who started society along this path of employment discrimination against smokers. And I think we are the ones who therefore have a responsibility to put an end to it.
USA: Smoking in films. Ultimately, I guess that I am concerned somewhat about the credibility of tobacco control research findings among the public if they are continually exposed to these types of quantitative claims being made from research designs that are simply not "designed" to produce such claims.

The Big Day. By Terry Gray. Power, money, and hate all thrown together to oppress a group of Americans comprising 25% of the population and our leaders kneel down to those really running the show – The Smoke Nazis. Sounds like something out of our history books.

Scientific or affective approach to tobacco: a question of ethics? By Wiel Maessen. The criticism from the opponent is qualified as an 'opinion' while obviously his own personal interest, considering his own background, doesn't represent an opinion at all. I know that in Belgium they also call this 'arrogance'.
From The International Mailbag:

The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: Halifax 2016 : A Smoker’s Diary. (Comedy.... or is it?)
Canada: Physicians file complaint over tobacco sales in pharmacies.
Australia: Impact on restaurants and sales.
EU: To study French bill limiting how many cigarettes people can have in their possession.
NZ: WIN Party Update.
USA: AMA: Smoke ban needed in USA.

From The USA Mailbag:
CA: Smokers Ignore Ban.
CA: San Jose Holds Off Park Smoking Ban.
CA: Five Arrested For Counterfeit Cigarettes.
DC: New Plan To Renew Schools: Boost Taxes.
FL: Property Rights Alert!
IL: Park Ridge Update.
IL: Springfield Update.
IL: Cigarette Tax Proposed Increase.
IN: St. Joseph County Update.
IN: Marshall County Update.
KY: Alexandria rejects smoking ban.
MD: The Prince George County Update.
MD: Smoking ban appears dead in Howard.
MI: Weyco: What a bunch of dorks.
MI: Smoking ban in cars?
MN: Tim Slagle's comedy show.
MO: Dueling tobacco tax hikes.
NC: Company Institutes Policy to Financially Punish Smokers.
NC: Moore County Alert.
NC: Pitt County Says NO.
NY: Outdoor-smoking ban?
OH: Akron and Summit County update.
TX: Corpus Christi's dirty pool game.
TX: Lake Jackson Update.
WA: Votes Yes for Property Rights.
WA: Votes No for Smokers Rights.
WI: The ONLY issue is money. Fitchburg considers smoking permits.
WI: Help for Madison.
USA: The Mystery of Philip Morris' Nicotine Inhaler. the project appears to have stalled.
USA: Where Has All the Tobacco Money Gone?
USA: Be alert. The world needs more lerts.

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