The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

October 21, 2005 Issue #351

"My choice, my bar, now who do you think you are, trying to make the true North smokefree? My house, my car, this time you've gone too far, now the patio's in jeopardy." (Listen to "My Choice")
Smoking room bus is OK City's case against smoking bus goes up in smoke. Gary Walker said, "I think we won a very important victory -- not for smokers -- but for people's rights." The smoking ban does not apply to private vehicles. The restaurant doesn't serve people in the motor home, but they are allowed to take food from the diner on board the vehicle, which is actually a converted transit bus.

RICO Update. The decision, a major victory for cigarette makers, was not unexpected because the government's case is still pending. A federal judge who held a nine-month trial and has not yet decided whether tobacco companies are guilty of wrongdoing. The fight at the high court was over the amount of money the companies would have to pay, if the judge rules that they violated a federal anti-racketeering law known as RICO.

Michael Siegel: Misusing Youths to Serve their Purposes: The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and Ignite. I think it is sad enough that the Campaign has been conducting its own campaign of deception to promote the FDA legislation in what I view as an unethical manner. But to start involving kids, youths, and young adults in that effort is a real shame.
From The International Mailbag:
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter.
Canada: Smoking ban killed bar.
Canada: Nova Scotia natives seek legal advice in battle over smoking ban.
Canada: Who’s standing up for tobacco farmers?
Ireland: Vintners’ Federation disputes the positive effects of smoking ban.
Japan: Study reached erroneous conclusions.
UK: No Smoking For James Bond.
UK: Smoking Ban will be the death of us, say musicians.
UK: Pets being used by Antismoking Extremists.
USA: Our pillows are dangerous for our health.

From The USA Mailbag:
DC: A last-ditch try for a compromise.
IL: Chamber of Commerce board opposes any city smoking bans.
IL: Trade group: Smoking bans kill sales, jobs.
IN: Smoking ban may hit Delaware County.
IN: Greenfield smoking ban gets 1st OK.
MA: Looks to Balance Budget on Backs of Smokers.
MD: Prince George County Update.
MN: Response to Amercian Cancer Society.
MO: 80-cent-a-pack increase sought.
ND: EGF smoking ban stalls.
NY: Erie county sued over ban on smoking.
NY: City admits crackdown on tobacco ads is illegal.
OR: Court Denies Class-Action Status To 'Lights' Suit.
TN: Shooter Jennings smokes at smoke free festival.
TX: Austin Battle Update.
TX: Corpus Christi Update.
TX: Galveston Update.
TX: Lake Jackson Update.
WA: 25-Foot Smoking Idea Is A Real Drag.
WA: Anti-Smoking Ads Disgust Viewers.
WI: Madison's mayor to hear CRG's footsteps.
WI: Stevens Point enacts smoking ban.
WI: State Alert!


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Dr. James Seipmann, MD, the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Theoretics, had this to say: "I not only found it to be scientifically correct and logical, but also fun to read. ... Though I do not smoke I find this threat upon our freedoms truly frightening. ... If the general public knew about it and how good it is, you would be on any best-seller list."
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