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October 14, 2005 Issue #350

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." - Albert Einstein
Michael Siegel:
Challenging Dogma: Anyone who Questions the Party Line is A Discredit to the Tobacco Control Movement.
Why the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids' Campaign of Deception on the FDA Bill is So Unethical. 1. Truthfulness. 2. Transparency. 3. The Community-Level Equivalent of the Principle of Informed Consent. And: The Rest of the Story...

A ban in bars won't necessarily curb smoking. By Eric Faisst, director of the Oneida County Health Department. I will not redirect staff from inspecting restaurants and other vital public health duties to have them chasing smoke, because I believe there is a limit to the impact government can have on human behavior.
Madison Opinion. By Robert Caspersen. I witnessed husbands and wives crying because their hard work will no longer ensure them the American Dream, their nest egg for retirement now gone.
If I die, blame me. By Jose Rodriguez. As much as 75% of the price of a pack of smokes goes directly to some form of government.
Private Property By Darlene Brennan. Enter At Your Own Risk.
Smoking ban hits politicos' private spot. By John Kelso. I think they ought to smoke in there anyway and tell the city to buzz off.
Smoking ban. By Mark Ladd. Comes down to property rights, not health.
Judge Not, You Ignorant Fascist. By David McAllister. Yet, we allow them to exist anyhow.
From The International Mailbag:
Australia: Peter Black has broken with Government policy. Push to end ban.
Canada: Tobacco warnings now considered modern art.
Canada: Bars shut doors across province to protest smoking ban.
Germany: Nicotine beer to beat smoke ban.
India: India film smoking ban now in court.
Northern Ireland: Next week: Decision on ban.
Philippines: Environmental group enforces ban.
Singapore: Extension of smoking ban.
Taiwan: Activist groups push for smoking ban.
UK: Blair gives way.
USA: Will GOP shakeup in House affect tobacco?

From The USA Mailbag:
AR: LR business owners fear smoking ban will choke revenue.
CA: Court Hints at Free Cigs Case.
DC: Minneapolis Warns DC... Don't let this happen to you.
IL: Chicago Update.
IL: Restaurant owners stuff Daley with $95,000.
IN: Smoking ban rejection good for Auburn.
KY: Georgetown Smoking ban undergoing alterations.
KY: Letcher County Update.
LA: Council refuses to lighten BR smoking ban.
MA: Online cigarette vendor settles.
MI: 4-county smoking ban heads to boards.
MT: Smoking ban will hurt smaller bars.
ND: EGF Smoking ban met with red-hot opposition.
NJ: Smoking ban could hinge on election.
NJ: Trailblazing Anti-Tobacco Litigator Agrees to Disbarment.
NJ: Cigar Night. In honor of John J. Baldino.
NY: Tavern takes third swing at smoking ban.
NY: Tobacco cessation, nutrition least popular booths at Borough Hall health fair.
PA: Prison needs a smoking ban thatís not too cruel.
TX: Austin Injunction Attempt To Stop Ban.
WI: Appleton upholds ban.
WI: Another Local Restaurant Closes.
WI: Dave Zweifel. Sound familiar?
WI: Palm ponders new smoking ban proposal.
WI: Madison Banning The Mayor?
WI: Steven's Point... Again!
WV: Smoking Ban Heats Back Up.

Citizens for Civil Liberties

The Ontario government, by its own estimates, stands to lose $250 - $350 million a year as a result of its new province-wide smoking ban. The government knew last year the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLGC) had already lost $131 million as a result of existing municipal smoking bans.
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