The United Pro Choice Smokers
Rights Newsletter

September 23, 2005 Issue #347

"What hurts the victim most is not the cruelty of the oppressor, but the silence of the bystander."
- Elie Wiesel, Holocaust Survivor

Bush against constitutional requirement for anti-smoking spending.  "I don't think we need a constitutional amendment for every issue under the sun," Bush said after a news conference to introduce Dr. M. Romy Francois as the state's new health secretary.

Anti tactics in plain text.  If you had any doubt about our warnings for years that "fat" was next when the Anti Extremists started to run out of tobacco money...  read this and weep...  Tobacco settlement offers lessons for fighting fat.

The Ultimate 'Public Health' Shield.  By Radley Balko.  We are on the right track. We have persuaded a large portion of this Earth's governing bodies to reject sensible risk assessment, freedom of choice, and any semblance of personal responsibility when it comes to issues of the "public health." 

Where There's Smoke, There's a Star.     Michael Pagnotta, a spokesman for Mary-Kate Olsen and her twin sister, Ashley, said smoking was a private choice, and "you have to respect that."  Joe Dolce, the editor in chief of Star, said that 70 percent of the photos that run in the magazine are street shots, and "I only show people doing what they do." Kate Hudson and Leonardo DiCaprio have recently been caught in public smoking.

Nazi medical practices to be topic of lecture.  Anti-smoking campaigns... were eventually aimed exclusively at the “Aryans” — the Nazi ideal of the “master race.”

FDA after Big Pharmaceutical.  Steps up action on misleading drug ads.

From The International Mailbag:

Canada:  Meet Jacob Sullum in Toronto 9/28/05.
Canada:  Tobacco Farmers in Crisis propose $1.1 billion buyout.
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter. All the Canada news.
Japan:  Japan Tobacco to hold smokers-only preview of 'Sin City'.
Scotland:  Plan to water down smoking ban at hospitals.

From The USA Mailbag:

CO:  County smoking fight may trickle down to Vail.
FL:  A paean for beleaguered smokers.
IL:  Urbana council hesitant about smoking ban.
IL:   DeKalb hearing both sides.
IN:  Auburn businesses fume at smoking ban.
KS:  Lawrence Smoking ban changes approved, and is unconstitutional.  THEN A FEW HOURS LATER:  Bartender given citation for smoking after hours. 
KY:  Lexington's smoking ban to stand for now.
ME:  Cigarette-tax revolt burns out.
ME:  Club votes to permit indoor smoking. Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7997 in Old Orchard Beach.
MN: Diary Of A Disaster Update.
MN:  Ventilation issue with MPAAT.
MO:  Ballwin Restaurant fails in bid to avoid smoking ban.
NJ:  58% Smoke In New Jersey.
NY:  Reynolds, BAT Win Second Dismissal of Cigarette Smuggling Case.
NY:  Truck stop gets waiver from state smoking ban.
OH:  Newark will enforce smoking ban Jan. 1.  Heath will watch for referendum.
OK:  State asks for federal help in smoke shop tax case.
TX:  Austin Businesses sue over smoking ban.
WI:  Appleton Petition filed to end smoking ban.
WI:  Madison Mayor Wants Truce; Ads for Smoke-Free Bars, keeps smoking ban.  Bar Owners Not Ready to be Snuffed Out.
WI:  Rhinelander Update.