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September 16, 2005 Issue #346

"Smoking takes 10 years off your life. Well, it's the 10 worst years, isn't it, folks? It's the ones at the end! It's the wheelchair-kidney-dialysis-f*ing years.  You can have those years!  We don't want 'em, all right!?  And with that in mind, light up, everyone, and have a good day." - Denis Leary

Montreal bar owners to challenge Quebec smoking ban.  Sergakis and another Montreal bar owner are heading to Quebec Superior Court to fight the law.

Calculate Tax Impact.  Try the calculator!  Many politicians fail to understand that a dime here and a dime there in cigarette excise taxes add up to big losses for retailers.

Why American Legacy Foundation Claims About the Impact of Its "Truth" Campaign Are Wildly Exaggerated.  By Michael Siegel.  There are 5 basic points that I think readers should be aware of.

New Study Shows Melatonin in Walnuts Protective Against Cancer and Heart Disease. "Melatonin and omega-3s, both of which are in walnuts,  starve cancers because they prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Leading cause of lung cancer may be in your home.  Christopher Reeve's widow was recently diagnosed with lung cancer - even though she never smoked. Experts are now warning others - you could be living with a major risk factor - and not even know it.  Radon.

Vector's 'safer' smoke strategy falls short.  An analyst who follows the company says that while there is logic behind Vector's claim that Quest could help smokers quit, the FDA has never approved a cigarette as a cessation device.
Why Do We Call It "Tobacco"?  By J. Jonik. 

Ban Damage:
FL Wheelchair bandit, 2 pals steal $4,700 in cigarettes from Broward store.
KS Cigarette Violence.  Wichita Convenience Stores Targeted By Cigarette Robbers.
MA Police said two of the three men were charged with assault with intent to murder.
Canada.  Beaten by butt bummer.   While Hogg lay on the ground, his assailant kicked him twice in the back before fleeing.
Canada.  Slain man linked to smuggling.
Toronto.  30 smash and grab robbery incidents in the area since January.
Winnipeg.  Cops are seeking a man who robbed a service station at knifepoint.
Winnipeg.  A Manitoba jail has stopped serving tea because some inmates were using tea bags to make cigarettes.

From The International Mailbag:

Canada:  Businesses suffer under smoking ban.
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter. All the Canada news.
New Zealand:  Rebel bars pop up for puffing patrons.
New Zealand:  170 Bay jobs go up in smoke.
New Zealand:  Smoking ban kills off 53 full time jobs.
New Zealand:  Black market tobacco distorts retail sales figures.
Scotland:  After Big Soda.  Bursting the fizzy drinks bubble will help pupils to improve their health.
UK:  BBPA requests investigation into backdoor smoke bans.
UK:  Smoke ban supporters unmoved by SOS offer.
UK:  An art project for smokers.  This project is a global artistic collaboration to delve into the secret lives of lost lighters.

From The USA Mailbag:

AZ:  Clearing the Air on the Smoking Ban.  By Benjamin Barr, Goldwater Institute.
CA:  Don't buy tobacco at Wal-Mart.  Entryways Are Now Smoke Free.
CA:  Cigarette prices could double in California.
IL:  Good News From Champaign.
ME:  Councilor calls for smoke-free trails.
MI:  Ban may be tweaked.  Lawsuit challenges ordinance. 
MI:  State tracks down smokers skirting cigarette tax.
MN:  Bar builds deck for smokers.   Sue Jeffers hopes to overcome slow business due to the smoking ban. 
MN:  Putting a face on impact of smoking bans.
MN:   Blue Cross lawsuit ends, freeing tobacco money.
MO:  Smokers already paying fair share.  By Brennan Dawson.
NC:  Harrah’s opens smoke-free zone.
NC:  Alert.  Nelson said that the bill will be reworked and should be brought back to the table in some shape or form next year.
OH:  Tons Of Trash.
TX: Ban on restaurant smoking is ill-conceived, unnecessary.   By Dee Haven, president of the Coastal Bend Restaurant Association.
TX:  Corpus Christi Smoking Ban Approved by Voters.
VA:  Hospital relents on smoking ban.
WA:  Nursing home fined for expelling smoker.
WI:  Battle begins as bar ban looms.
USA:  Youth Drug Use Continues to Decline.
USA:  More SHS from the Antismoking Extremists.
USA:  MSA update.  Burning Money.
USA:  RICO update.  Department of Justice's Reduced Smoking Cessation Remedy.
USA:  Reynolds donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to Katrina relief.
USA:  Cigars for Relief.   The RTDA has begun their own relief effort to try to give workers and military and rescue personnel a couple minutes of consolation with cigars as they battle to save lives and resurrect the city from the floodwaters. 

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