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September 2, 2005 Issue #344

"I remember my father occasionally taking me into the corner bar. I looked forward to the time alone with Dad."
  "Today I wouldn't hesitate to bring my son into a smoke-free bar."
"Tonight, take the kids out to your corner smoke-free bar."
- Dona Wininsky, Public Policy Director, American Lung Association of Wisconsin
(Editors Note:  PLEASE do not take your children into bars.) 

Food Police Want To Close Your Restaurants.  New Study On Restaurants Near Schools Recommends Zoning Restrictions, Compares Fast Food To Guns.
Read more about the Food Police.

Food Police Nothing To Laugh About.  By Chuck Muth.  "CAUTION:  The Attorney General has determined that cooking food may be harmful to your health." 

The Oreo, Obesity and Us.  By Garnet Dawn.  When you have time, sit back and relax....light a cigarette and be prepared to be amazed.

State sues nine companies for failing to tell of carcinogen.   Sacramento -- Attorney General Bill Lockyer sued fast-food giants McDonald's, Burger King and KFC and the makers of several popular potato-chip brands Friday.

New Study Concludes that Nicotine Increases Appetite: The Dangers of Extrapolation from Mice to Humans.

ACSH Petitions EPA to Stop Declaring Chemicals "Carcinogens" Based on Rodent Tests Alone.

The Medicalizing of America.   By Martin F. Sturman, MD, FACP.   Part I: The Numbers Game, Part II: Background Voices.

Most published research findings may be false.   "There is increasing concern that in modern research, false findings may be the majority or even the vast majority of published research claims," says researcher John Ioannidis in an analysis in the open access international medical journal PLoS Medicine.

We Are Everyday People: 

Zoo Wants Chimp to Quit Smoking.  The third smoking chimp reported in the past year!

Gretchen Wilson Chewed Out.  She will keep performing "Skoal Ring," one of the cuts on her new album, All Jacked Up, due in stores Sept. 27.
Because the MSA is a contract between the tobacco companies and the states, it clearly does not apply to individual country music artists and what they choose to do during their performances. It cannot apply to such individuals, because they are not party to the contract. (Michael Siegel)

A cut above the rest.  By James Leavey.  “Just slice 'em, light 'em and smoke 'em,” he once told me, over an overflowing ashtray in London, “the rest is history.”

Tobacco Harm Reduction Emerges as Viable Public Health Strategy.

From The Mailbag:

AL:  The Huntsville City Council breathed new life Monday night into efforts to ban smoking in city restaurants.
AZ:  Group files statewide smoking ban initiative. 
CO:  Eagle County Voters can kill or kick start smoking ban.
IL:  State taxes burn smokers.
IL:  Springfield.  Strom to hold off on proposed smoking ban.
MO:  Legal Argument Against Bans: Strip Clubs.
MN:  Smoking ban heats up race for Minneapolis mayor.
MN:  Lawmaker Is 'Hero of the Taxpayer.'State Rep. Phil Krinkie's strong beliefs and principled stance on taxes not only led him to vote against the cigarette tax increase, but also to resign as chairman of the House Working Group on Taxes.
MN:  Tobacco industry contests state fee in court.
MN:  Night falls on nightlife at megamall.  
NH:  Obese Woman Angry That Doctor Advised Weight Loss.
OH:  Hilliard Law's bar exemption will stand.
PA:  Simple Challenge.  The type of zero-tolerance demanded by antismoking extremists would dictate that McDonald's ban birthday parties out of the fear of wisps of candle smoke.
RI:  Judge overturns verdict against state trooper in smoke-shop case.
SC:  Cigarette tax debate heats up.  By Aaron Gould Sheinin.  Lawmakers see benefits, drawbacks to raising state’s rate, lowest in the U.S.
TX:  Corpus Christi.  You can vote against government meddling.  September 10, election,  and is the only issue on the ballot.
WI:  Madison's Larry Palm's emails about the ban.
WI:  Downtown bars report suffering from smoking ban.
WI:  Wausau Owner defies smoking ban.
WI:  American Lung Association of Wisconsin wants you to take your children to bars.
WI:  Libertarian Party of Dane County: Smoking Ban Poll Is Public Opinion Manipulation.
WY:  Laramie undercover report on what really happened.

Beijing:  To ban smoking ads, vending machines.
Ireland:  Two unexpected side effects.  By John Mallon. AND Cigarette butts causing major litter problem.
Italy:  Update.  The law allows bars and restaurants to have smoking sections.
New Zealand:  Chadwick, The guy responsible for smoking ban and causing illegal bars after, is picked up drunk driving.  Drunk drivers pose greater risk than second-hand smoke. 
New Zealand:  Anti-smoking laws have had a messy spinoff for Queenstown with butts piling up outside bars and restaurants.
Norway:  Labor wants better wine access.
Norway:  Smokers need not apply.
Scotland:  Smoking ban for rail passengers.

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