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August 26, 2005 Issue #343

"The recent move by Antismokers to support throwing smokers out of their jobs AND out of their apartments has shown their true colors: they are Smoking Prohibitionists pure and simple."
Michael McFadden

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To smoke or not: It's businesses' choice.  Those businesses, especially restaurants, that have chosen to go smoke-free or handle smoke effectively have made a wise decision. But the decision belongs at the business level. Community governments have many issues to address. This isn't one of them.

When an Ounce of Prevention Is Not Worth a Pound of Cure.  By John Luik.  Wherever you look there are references to the scientific basis of health promotion and how everything that is done by WHO's health promoters meets the standards of modern medicine by being "evidence-based". But the scientific basis of WHO's health promotion is about as genuine and as sturdy as a Potemkin village.

Society of Actuaries — the people who calculate risk and set life insurance rates.  Read the full 95 page report and listen to the story online.

STATISTICS IN THE PUBLIC SPHERE.  By Frank van Dun.  It is important that jurists should have some understanding of statistics and the ways they are used  in  the  public  sphere,  especially  in  legislation,  policy-making  and  arguments  before  the courts.

Not A Smokers Disease.  By David W. Kuneman.   Time-trend and population studies which could confirm the presence of a real risk are just not there. 

Good Tobacco.  As this ScienCentral News video reports, one researcher says genetically modified tobacco may do some good by cleaning up some polluted military sites. 

Big Popcorn.  Do Popcorn Workers Face Lung Disease Risk?   The researchers write that inhalation of vapors from flavoring agents may have caused the severe lung disease.

Need more research on environmental chemical exposure.  By David Suzuki.  Unfortunately, in many cases we aren't given a choice. 

Toxic Water Part II.  By Kimberly Shumaker.  With all we know about the importance of getting enough water in our bodies – what can we do to ensure is purity and safety? 

We Are Everyday People: 

If we protect our liberty, we’ll enjoy security.  By Brendan Trainor.  .Just give us more power, they say. We will protect you.

Chasing Liberty.  By Morey Straus.  I've lost countless freedoms and even more dollars to the government machine. I never wanted to pay attention to politics, but after being grabbed by the throat so many times and being told I could no longer do this or own that, I had no choice.

Ban keeps people from getting help.  Quitting crystal meth or other street drugs is tough enough, but simultaneously giving up smoking is too much for some Vancouver Island teens.

Jason Mraz: 'I love smoking' "I quit smoking for a while," he said. "(But) I was on the road for too long. Deadlines, I needed to write more things, and to me, writing and smoking go hand in hand. Panic attacks, mood swings, all that (stuff)."

The Heroes of Smoking.  By Hanter.  There are social activists who insist the insidious tobacco industry criminally kept the evils of their product from public knowledge and that John Wayne was ignorant of the danger of smoking. That is an idea of absurdity in the extreme.

100,000 Deaths Per Year Due to Smoking in Movies?  By Michael Siegel.  I don't believe that exposure to smoking in movies is single-handedly responsible for half of all kids who start smoking and that requiring an R rating of movies that portray smoking will save 120,000 lives a year.

From The Mailbag:

AL:  Brewton revisits smoking ban.
AR:  Pine Bluff Alderman heads effort to alter ban on smoking.
IL:  Altria Holders Eye Illinois Court For State Farm Opinion.  State Farm Wins Reversal of $1 Billion Parts Verdict.
IL:  Kane passes on smoking ban.
L:  Breathe and smile: It's a smoke-free bash - Chicago - ENOUGH!!
IL:  Buffalo Grove and Flora Outdoor Smoking.
IN:  Auburn’s Common Council may have hit a stalemate over a ban on public smoking.
KY:  Vector-Led Group Files Suit Over Settlement.
KY:   Danville Commissioners praised for dropping proposed smoking ban at businesses.
LA:  Plan for Terrebonne smoking ban put off, most likely until fall.
ME:  Clubs to decide on smoking.   Elks, veterans and others -- to vote on a smoking policy by mid-September.
MO: Court allows class-action suit against Philip Morris.
NC:  Smoking Ban Inside Prison Buildings Given Final OK.
NE:  Cornhuskers travel from the heartland to Havana.
NE:  The Rock Meuller Saga.
NJ:  Smoking sparks court fight between neighbors.
NY:  Teenagers are exposed to more messages about smoking, than ever before.
TX:  Jury in first Vioxx trial awards $253 million.
WI:  Appleton City Council Snuffs Out Vote on Smoking Ban Exemptions.
WI:  It's a Funny Thing.  By Ben Bromley.

Canada:  Court - Total ban on tobacco advertising is not justified.
New Zealand:  WIN Party Backs United Future.  The party, called WIN, was set up by Timaru Carlton Hotel publican Geoff Mulvihill and former Banks Peninsula publican John Van Buren.
New Zealand:  Smoking In Parks.
New Zealand:  Sky City posts flat profit as smoking ban dents earnings.
New Zealand:  WIN Party survey reveals true effect of the smoking ban.
Russia:  Cows get new feed: marijuana.
Spain:  The tour of Spain by the Smokers' for Tolerance Club.  Has crossed thousands of kilometres to take its message to those who have wanted to hear them.  The following step, to deliver our protests to the Prime minister, Rodríguez Zapatero, and to trust in his mien in order that he allows smokers' rooms.
UK:  Smoke Free South Yorkshire.  By Phil Button.  A heavily quoted MORI opinion poll commissioned by a group of hysterics.

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