The United Pro Choice Smokers
Rights Newsletter

August 19, 2005 Issue #342

"It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues." - Abraham Lincoln

6,700 people gathered outside of the City County Building to rally for a repeal of Madison's (WI) smoking ban, saying it is hurting businesses and their employees.

Peter Jennings and Dana Reeve are being exploited.  Peter Jennings quit smoking well over 20 years ago. The Smoking Police claim that quitting smoking will make a former smoker's lungs healthy in just a few years.

Anti-Smoking Stats-Scam.  Just as the Inquisitors twisted fact and logic to justify their ends, so too do the health preachers of the new millennium.

UK Anti-smoking ad campaign really stinks.  Several hundred thousand leaflets are being distributed with the sharp stench of tobacco embedded in them to dissuade teenagers from picking up the cigarette habit. Similar ones are appearing in women's magazines Heat, OK! and Cosmopolitan.

Substance Abusers More Antisocial.  "This is the first time in which we see that virtually every single drug abuse disorder is associated with an antisocial personality disorder," says Dr. Wilson Compton, Director of NIDA's Division of Epidemiology, Services, and Prevention Research. 

On Every Box of Cake Mix, Evidence of Freud's Theories.  President Herbert Hoover's formulation was to prove chillingly prescient as the century progressed and Bernays's ideas about the malleability of consumer desire were adapted by political propagandists, including Hitler's minister of culture, Joseph Goebbels.

We Are Everyday People:

'Bad Guys, ' Poor Smoke More in Movies - Study.  If someone is trying to make smoking look glamorous, it isn't at the movies.

Jemma Freeman Ė keeping cigars safe and in the family.  By James Leavey.  The UK's tobacco business, especially cigarettes and pipes, may be facing an uncertain future, but when it comes to cigars one thing is certain: Nicholas Freeman would be proud of his daughter.

From The Mailbag:

CA:  California Property Rights.  The Government should NOT make these decisions for the property owners.
CA:  Supreme Court to Decide Statute in Tobacco Case.
IL:  Springfield.  Strom to push ban on indoor smoking.
KS:  Steffes said he would appeal the case to Douglas County District Court, meaning the constitutional challenge to the smoking ban will continue.
KY:  Louisville Council approves smoking ban.  Exceptions include bars, separately ventilated rooms.
KY:   Potential for Smoking Ban in Bowling Green.
LA:  Anti-smokers promote falsehoods about health.
LA:  Terrebonne Parish Update.  Undercover report.
MI:  Criminal cat case gets scratched.
MN:  Bloomington to smokers: No dice.  But trickle-down effects of ban emerging.
MO:  The St. Louis County indoor smoking ban is dead.
MS:  State high court says Barbour can seek relief in court over tobacco suit.
NC:  Proposed Restaurant Smoking Ban Snuffed Out.
NY:  Skip Boise Fights Ban.
OH:  Grove City Council OKs limited smoking ban.  Bars can allow it; places where minors are canít.
OH:  City revives partial smoking ban effort.  Newark fails to vote on divisive issue Monday.
OH:  Van Wert panel rejects call for a smoking ban.  Full council to decide issue.
PA:  Possible two-way Street on smoking issue?
TX:  Greenville Parks Ban.

Canada:  Injunction over smoking in Yorkton casino on hold.If the city is successful in court, Wyatt said it will be up to council to decide whether to discontinue water, sewer and other city services to the casino.
Czech Republic:  Total smoking ban at 16 percent of Czech workplaces.
Scotland:  How the smoking ban has been spun.
Thailand:  WHO Chief Urges Unconventional Approaches.
USA:  U.S. tightens safety rules for acne drug.
USA:  Americans Blame Smokers, Not Tobacco Companies.
USA:  7-Eleven Settles Dispute Over Tobacco.
USA:  RICO update.
Vietnam:  Health Propaga