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August 12, 2005 Issue #341

"To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical." - - Thomas Jefferson

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The Black Pig Lung Hoax.  It was an outright bald-faced lie. Pankiw said later, his lesson was made stronger by not passing along that tidbit of truth.

Toxicology studies absent in smoking theories.  By Lynda Duguay.  As an example of the overstated risks and how they create false phobias, a list of chemicals in tobacco smoke is listed below and how many cigarettes burning at the same time it would take to reach the lower threshold of danger in a room 20x20 with 9 foot ceilings at standard temperature and air pressure with no ventilation.

Toxic Bottled Water.  And They are Worried About Second-Hand Smoke?  By Kimberly Shumaker.  For years we have consumed tap water, eaten processed food - and purchased new foods on the market, which are pre-packaged and contain the words "enriched" and "processed."

WHO urges ban on sun beds for those under 18.  In countries where voluntary industry codes of practice exist, the sunbed owners have generally not shown significant capacity to self regulate effectively.
Read More on sun damage.

UN adds hormone pills to cancer list.  While experts did not dispute the agency's conclusions on hormones for menopause, some were less convinced about the dangers of the birth control pill.

Allergy Sensitivity Doubles Since 1970s.  Those at highest risk of showing allergic response were people ages 20 to 29, males, minorities, people living in the West, people living in old homes and people who were not exposed to cigarette smoke.

No link between sugar and obesity.  Health problems linked to weight gain are caused by increased consumption of calories and a lack of exercise, a U.S. sugar industry group said.

To the Ashtray of History.  By Christine Hall.  Was this what was promised? Billions of dollars later and more than six years after the tobacco settlement was signed, American taxpayers and consumers deserve an answer. But they won't like it.

We Are Everyday People:

Bismarck Man Takes A Stand.  Dennis Laches closed his business.  "The state of North Dakota is attempting to make me discriminate against another person or group of people," Laches said. "I don't believe government of any kind should be allowed to dictate what I do at my own business and my own building."

Third Annual Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Party.  The most politically incorrect party of the year is also the most fun party of the year! Nannyists headed for the hills as we enjoyed a day of shooting, smoking, eating, drinking and mingling.

Hookah trend on the rise.  Smoking the hookah, also sometimes called narghile, shisha or hubble bubble, is a way to relax after a meal and to show respect to guests, Abusharkh says. His hookah bar is so successful he plans to open another one.
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All lit up on Ditka's smokin' defense.  Cigar in hand, Da Coach says it's all about choice. Ever the restaurateur. But no matter. Many of the patrons this evening seem to relish having a cigar in a place free of smoking persecution (not to mention prosecution).

From The Mailbag:

AZ:  Flagstaff  smoking ban extends to sidewalk cafes.   
CA:  Divided board OKs plan to fund needle exchange programs with tobacco taxes.
DC:  Jonathan R. Rees.  Political neophyte 'pushed' to fight D.C. taxes.
IL:  Tobacco Summit III.  The Heartland Institute, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, and Midwest Public Affairs Group.
IL:  Flora's Illegal Ban. 
IL:  Buffalo Grove's Illegal Ban.
IL:  New bill allows Illinois cities and towns to ban smoking.
IN:  Columbus bans smoking; bars, clubs exempt.
KY:  Remarkable Stupidity.  By Terry Gray.
KY:  Fort Thomas Businesses oppose smoking ban.
KY:  Let owners decide smoking policies.  John Dant, president of the Metro Louisville Hospitality Coalition.
KY:  Cave City.  Vote denying smoking ban rekindles the flame of liberty.
LA:  Smoking ban goes to the Baton Rouge metro council.
LA:  Getting less money from tobacco settlement than projected.
LA:  Lake Charles.  Public-smoking opponents want complete ban.
LA:  Effort being made to denormalize smokers.  By Barbara Aucoin.
MA:  Old Oxford Pub.  Cigar bar's last gasp?
MA:  Seniors Group Sues Tobacco.
MN:  Diary Of A Disaster updated.
MN:  Minneapolis.  McLaughlin aiming for delicate balance in mayor's race.
MN:  Minneapolis.  Mark Koscielski "the only candidate who won't blow smoke at you."
MN:  Archie Anderson letter: New tax tramples smokers' rights.
MN:  VFW Post Blames Low Business On Smoking Ban.
MN:  North Star Staters go south to Iowa for smokes.
MO:  Harrah's blasts proposed smoking rules.
NC:  Commissioners vote to oppose tobacco tax increase.
NC:  House Gives Tentative Approval To Ban Smoking Inside N.C. Prisons.
ND:  Businesses, police still trying to adjust to smoking ban.
NY:  Raise Smoking Age?  The bill now goes to Republican County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef, who has not said if he would veto or sign the proposal.
NY:  Smoking Ban Hurts Bingo's Future.
RI:  Full Appeals Court Agrees To Rehear Part Of Smoke Shop Lawsuit.
VA:   Dinwiddie uses tobacco funds for economic development.
WA:  Indoor smoking ban will be on ballot.
WI:  Madison Smoking ban foes mobilize.  Soglin joins with taverns, others to push repeal.
WI:  Lampert Smith: Bar owners say no-smoking ban is choking them.
WI:  Appleton Renews Debate on Smoking Bans.
WV:  Politicians Distort No-Smoking Laws.

Australia:  Smoking row lit a legal bushfire.
Belgium: Ignores Bans.
Canada:  Smoking returns to First Nations bingo.
Canada:  Protox signs exclusive Lung Cancer licence agreement and initiates Lung Cancer study.
China:  Technician fired for smoking wins case, but loses his job.
France:  Moves closer to smoke ban. 
Germany:  Defies Ban on Tobacco Advertising.   No end in sight.
Israel:  Cancer Association will fight efforts to import a Swiss invention – the tobacco-less, smokeless cigarette.
Kenya:  All the lies they tell you about dangers of smoking.
New Zealand:  Smoking ban the final straw for Carterton hoteliers.
Thailand:  Tobacco companies threaten to sue.
UK:  Smoking bans imposed on playgrounds and parks.
UK:  Police slam smoking ban.
USA:  Boycott Johnson & Johnson for their participation in smoking ban increase their profits.
USA:  Whiskey Rebellion.
USA:  Heatless/Smokeless Cigarette.
USA:  Taking Tobacco’s Temperature.  Deep-discounts suffering, majors could launch smokeless products.
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