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July 29, 2005 Issue #339

"I long for the day when it will be possible to govern men by leaving them alone." - Arthur Miller

Showers 'may damage your brain.'  Traces of magnesium found in household water could be sufficient to cause permanent brain damage to those who take a regular shower, according to a report published in the US journal Medical Hypotheses.

Secondhand smoke.  The majority of the chemicals tested for and found in the subjects are toxic to animals but have no documented health effects on humans. 

WHERE THERE'S SMOKE... there's a technology that can deal with it and also banish other disagreeable odours, says the developer of Medi-Aire. 
Wood Smoke Update.  Burning Issues Wood Smoke Fact Sheets.   List of Wood Smoke Emissions.

Soaking in Chemical Stews.  By David Hogberg.  Who can doubt there ought to be a law when the MSM shills for environmentalist scaremongers?

Genes linked to spread of breast cancer discovered.  The set of genes not only reveals where the cancer will spread, but also how virulent it is likely to be.

Smoking In Cars:
NJ:  Proposes Banning Smoking While Driving.
NJ:  A proposed bill in N.J. could ban smoking.
NJ:  Democrat Priorities “Up In Smoke”:  Out of Touch with Issues.
Read more articles about car bans around the country.

Wisconsin Starts To Listen To The Public:
WI:  Says Sellers, Not Individuals, Should be Responsible for Collecting and Paying Taxes.  Agency told to stop seeking back taxes on online cigarette sales. 
WI:  Cigarette tax just the start, some say.  But state denies it would seek to collect taxes from other products bought over the Internet.
WI:  Capitol Watch: State contrary, rejects cigarette tax hike.
WI:  Council Members Who Supported Ban Now Changing Their Minds.
Wisconsin Smokers  A public yahoo group for anyone who wants to talk about the Wisconsin ban situation.

We Are Everyday People:

Challenging Dogma (Post #2): Anyone Who Disagrees With the Anti-Smoking Movement is Affiliated with the Tobacco Industry.  Read More By Michael Siegel.
Girl wins fight to sell lemonade.  Ana told me, ‘I cannot believe one person can make such a difference.'

Houses of Worship are the Next Target for Extremist Anti-Tobacco Groups.  By Garnet Dawn.  If we are not both alerted and alarmed by this concept which is being promoted by our major charities and government agencies, what will gain our attention?  

Heinrich Villiger – in love with cigars.  By James Leavey.  “Sometime in the near future, perhaps in ten years' time, there will be more important things for the word's governments to concentrate on, such as feeding the millions of people who are starving every day. Compared to those major problems, bans on smoking, fast food and alcohol will seem very minor.”

From The Mailbag:

AK:  Online cigarette buyers must pay up, state says.
AL:   Jail Riot Over Cigarette.  "That's against our rules," the jailer said of smoke breaks after dark.
CA:  Outrageous Lies That Remain Unchallenged.
CA:  Insured Who Told Agent She Had Smoked, but Wrote Otherwise on Application, Did Not Conceal Fact.
CA:  California Bans Smoking Behind Bars.
IL:  Smoking law no longer a sure thing.  Governor now 'grappling' with bill staff said he'd sign.
IL:  Sycamore snuffs out idea to ban smoking in restaurants, bars.
IL:  Smoking ban would 'devastate' hospitality industry.
KS:  Bar owner challenges ban.  Lawsuit seeks injunction against city smoking ban.
KY:  Advocates of smoking bans lack sensible solutions.
ME:  State appeals Tobacco Delivery Law ruling.
MI:  Detroit council bans workplace smoking.
MI:  Lawsuit challenges workplace smoking ban.
MN:  Impact of smoking bans under scrutiny.
MN:  Hennepin rethinks smoking ban.
NC:  House Democrats Working Through Proposed Cigarette Tax.
NC:  New!  North Carolina Smokers Rights group to discuss all NC tobacco issues.
ND:  Law enforcers staying mum about new smoking law.
NY:  Seneca-owned pharmacy targets online business.
NY:  Almost no margin for error as Giambra juggles tobacco cash.
NY:  Cayuga County Update.  The smoke hasn't cleared.
OH:  Newark.  Proposed smoking ban: Politics or public health?
TN:  Gov. Bredesen Vetoes Tobacco Legislation.  Cites Legal Risks Related To Tobacco Payments.
WA:   Ken Schram Commentary: Indoor Smoking Bans Are A Real Drag.
WV:  Wheeling Vote.  "What is the price of liberty? If we start saying people can't vote because of the cost then what's the point of having government?" said attorney Paul Harris.
WV:  Free Markets Go Up in Smoke.
WY: Laramie council sticks with smoking ban.
Canada:  $10-billion 'wake-up' for tobacco companies.
Canada:  Should Quebec march to Ontario’s beat?
Iran:  Hubble bubble trouble over as Iran lifts smoking ban.
New Zealand:  'Smoking ban cost me $80,000.'
New Zealand:  Publican says law forced people to set up illegal bars.
Spain:  Bans smoking in countryside to curb fire risk.
Sweden:  Swedish answer to cancer.  By Waldemar Ingdahl.  Scots and Europeans deserve to get the option by lifting the ban.
Swiss Railways:  A prominent businessman has put forward a plan to bypass a decision by the Swiss Federal Railways to ban smoking on all trains as of December.
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