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July 22, 2005 Issue #338

"It does not require a majority to prevail; but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brushfires in people's minds." - Samuel Adams

North Wales Protest.  The Licensed Victuallers Association staged the event amid warnings more than one in four traditional Welsh pubs could be forced to close if the measure was made law.

Big Pharmaceutical:  Ethics Violations.  Forty-four government scientists who also worked as consultants for drug companies violated agency regulations designed to prevent conflicts of interest, a review by the National Institutes of Health shows.

Do cigarette taxes really work?  Study: when the tax on cigarettes reaches excessively high levels, it becomes counterproductive.

Do you think smokers have no political power?  Do you think African Americans have no political power at 12.8% of the population?  Do you think Italian Americans have no political power at 5.6% of the population?

RICO Update.  Justice Department Finally Does The Right Thing On Tobacco Settlement.

Gallup Poll.  Bars remain an area where about two-thirds of Americans oppose a ban. Forty percent would favor setting aside areas within a bar for smoking, while 28% say smoking should be allowed anywhere within a bar.


Legislation For Biomonitoring?!  Health advocates said the study underscored the need to pass legislation that would create the country's first statewide "biomonitoring" program to measure chemical contaminants in people. Backers say the program will generate data to help state officials better protect people from toxic chemicals.

A new look at the causes of cancer.  "The high incidences of the cancer in small geographic confines suggest that specific environmental factors may play a predominant role in its etiology," said Professor Lin Dongxin, director of the Department of Etiology and Carcinogenesis of the Cancer Institute.

MO Appeals court rules against prisoner in second-hand smoke dispute."The evidence is insufficient to establish Larson was subjected to an unreasonable risk of harm from ETS (environmental tobacco smoke)," the court ruled.

Remember The Cranberry Scare.  Americans Panicked Over Cranberry Safety Scientists Reflect on the Anniversary of the First "Carcinogen" Panic of the Century. 

No Fiz in Soda Scare.   By Steven Milloy.  The food police filed a petition this week with the federal government to require that regular (non-diet) soft drinks carry health warning labels. But scientific data, including a new study published this week, expose such soda scaremongering for what it is -- junk science-fueled nanny-ism.

We Are Everyday People:

Demonizing VS Deifying Dreamers and Dissidents.  By Cat Farmer.  Liberty begins with maintaining respect for others who may be different, and people who surrender that respect may have already defaulted their liberties to the only kind of people who'd ask for such an ignoble sacrifice as the surrender of freedoms - aspiring tyrants. 

PA Lost A Town. Really, CNN...  Town On 'Best Towns' List Does Not Exist.  Wexford, Pa., Named 28th Best Town, Is Not A Town.   If this doesn't prove that some reporters don't check facts...  what will?

This was not Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  By Warren Klass.  The highlight of the conference for me was a mind-boggling presentation from the Canadian PARASITES WORST NIGHTMARE - Luc Martial.  Luc was a "tobacco control specialist at Health Canada."  You think Jeffery Wigand has a story to tell, this is nothing compared to the story publicly given by Luc.

Smokers Rights, Non-Smokers Rights and Private Property Owner's Rights.  By Jonathan Pinard.  Even where the majority of people might have a single religious belief in common, we as a society have never condoned forcing an ideology of one group over another.

Baptist Revenue Enhancement.  By Norm Kjono.  The astonishing phenomenon of mercantile interests undermining centuries of doctrine in order to make a buck off the persecution of the blameless. 

From The Mailbag:

AL:  Huntsville Smoking ban proposal snuffed.
CT:  Owner: Smoking Ban Killed Pub.
DC:  Selling Tobacco to Minors Online Draws Fire.
IL:  Should Chicago ban smoking in restaurants, bars?
IL:  The Governor reviews our comments.......please write!
IL:  Buffalo Grove considers ban on smoking outdoors.
IN:  Crawfordsville Mayor John P. Zumer vetos smoking ban. 
KY:  Louisville.  Metro Council set to act on smoking ban.
ME:  No Smoking On Winthrop Beach.
MN:  Passage of the controversial 75 cent fee on cigarettes clears the way for the state's $30.5 billion budget.
MN:  Tobacco shop owner decries new fee.
MN:  Single-power system makes Minnesota laughing stock.
MI:  Wayne County.  Ford Motor Company.
MI:  Farmington should opt for diversity and allow smokers into the suburb's new park.
OH:  Columbus Alcohol Alert!  "City should forbid alcohol at public festivals."
OH:  Smoking battle comes to Van Wert.
OR:  Former Mill City Mayor William "Bill" Downer has been found guilty on 30 separate felony counts...
OR:  Anti-tobacco bills going up in smoke.
RI:  35% Loss.  ... leaving many to ask who shoulders the burden for enforcing the anti-smoking bill.
WA:  State asking hundreds to pay back taxes on cheap smokes.
WI: Madison bars say revenues dissipating with smoking ban.
WV:  County smoking ban mother of all hypocrisy.  By Sen. Russ Weeks. 
WV:  Club to Comply With Smoking Ban.
WY:  Laramie Councilors will battle over smoking ban.

Australia:  Clubs Cross Great Divide.
Canada:  Tarbox's hubby butts up against smoke ban.  It's hurting his bar business says man who was married to anti-smoking crusader.
Canada:  Bar owners in two Prairie provinces want smoking bans deemed unconstitutional.
India:  Govt plans to withdraw ban on smoking.
New Zealand:  Smoking ban sending Dannevirke Hotel broke.
New Zealand:  Rotorua hotel hit hard by the smoking ban.
New Zealand:  Green light for cannabis but not tobacco.
Scotland:  Cost of ban will be known when smoke clears.
Spain:  Catalonia to ban smoking in all bars, restaurants.
Spain:  But will it really work?
USA:  Lighters In Airports Update.  The Team From Zippo Goes to Washington.
USA:  Anti-smoking activists rally for federal regulation of tobacco.
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