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July 15, 2005 Issue #337

"Someone needs to create a plastic wrap that isn't annoying."
Samantha Phillipe

Recap of the International Smokers Rights Conference.  Non smokers and smokers discuss Property Rights and other issues.  People Bans, Taxes, Junk Science, Choices and more.

Funding, Bias, and Science...  By Michael J. McFadden.  Public health scientists accused of soft peddling the dangers of passive smoking after taking grants from tobacco related organisations.

Trillion-Dollar Radiation Mistake?  By Steven Milloy.  A federal research panel last week concluded that there is no safe exposure to radiation. Itís a conclusion based on assumptions about cancer that may be all wrong ó and in very costly ways.

Allegations of Fake Research Hit New High.  For the past three years, Friedman had been faking - actually making up - data in some of the respected, peer-reviewed studies he had published in top medical journals.

FDA 'invented' authority over drug ads.  The FDA released no comment regarding the accusations.

Wood smoke may raise lung cancer risk.  Researchers in Mexico found that of 62 lung cancer patients they assessed, more than one-third of the cases were associated with exposure to wood smoke.

Stop Messing With A Legal Product!

CA:  Fire-safe cigarettes pose health risks.
MA:  Opposition to bills requiring that only fire-safer, also known as reduced ignition propensity (RIP), cigarettes may be sold in the Commonwealth (H1914, S1345, S1363).
NC:  Fire-Safe Cigarettes Coming Soon.
NH:  Fire-safe cigarette billís future in doubt.
VT:  Poised to require sale of "fire safe" cigarettes.

Property Rights:

The United Nations Wants to Take Your Land!  "Private land ownership ... contributes to social injustice.... Public control of land use is therefore indispensable."

THIS LAND WAS YOUR LAND.  Movement builds to seize Souter home.

Property Rights Preserves Smokers Rights!  By Brendan Trainor, Nevada Libertarian Party Chair.

We Are Everyday People:

Am I correct in these facts?  By Kathrine Nisley.  Maybe the real risks are genetic.

Ban Influenced By Smoking Myth.  By Mike Cliff.  As this ban at the hospitals will affect many staff, patients and visitors, perhaps the trust can come up with a better excuse for its action.

Sybil Danning.   My fellow countryman and friend, Arnold Schwarzenegger and I love cigars! He as governor and I as citizen of this great State of California abide by the strict rules, which I hope Arnold will soon change!

Doing It for the Children.  By Radley Balko.   A recent report in the British Journal of Developmental Psychology says that girls as young as five years old are beginning to have problems with body image.

From The Mailbag:

AR:  Pine Bluff has been declared smoke free.
AZ:  Flagstaff.  New council smoking ban goes too far.
CA:  Marin County.  Beer Sponsor Is Dropped.
CA:  UC Merced awarded smoking research grant.
CA:  Cigar-tent debate flares up.  Anti-smoking advocates descend on Capitol to send Schwarzenegger a message.
CA:  Prison Smokescreen.
CO:  Johnny Depp takes care of Hunter S. Thompson's last wishes. 
DC:  Justin T. Logan 2003 account of Carol Schwartz, Superhero.
FL:  State tries to shoot down challenge to statewide indoor smoking ban.
GA:  Gwinnett County has begun a program called "Operation Fixing Broken Windows."
GA:  UPS reviews cigarette shipments.
IL:  Mount Carmel.  Mayor drops proposed tobacco ban.
IL:  Chicago Update.  Compromise could temper fervor over smoking-ban plan.
IL:  Ditka tackles ban on smoking.  Proposal's foes bring in Da Coach.
IN:  Martinsville restaurant refuses to comply with smoking ban.
MA:  Mass. Court Upholds Eviction of Condo Tenants for Smoking.
ME:  GOP lawmakers don't support people's veto of cigarette-tax hike.
MI:   Go and Sin (Tax) No More. 
MI:  Wayne County.  Clean Indoor Air Regulation.
MN:  Government Shutdown.  Key Republican quits working group over racino, cigarette charges.
MN:  The State of Minnesota creates a new enemy.
MN:  Cigarette fee may tempt smugglers.
MS:  Political ramifications of appointing Myers.
ND:  In search of victims of secondhand smoke.
NJ:  Legislator Wants to Ban Smoking in Your Car.
NY:  DHL wonít ship Internet cigarettes. 
NY:  Monroe County Where Is The $142.6M?
NY:  The Herkimer County Legislature is looking to restructure its tobacco settlement payments.
OH:  Tobacco-control agency struggles with funding cuts.
OH:  Antis Pad List.  Where Can You Smoke?
OH:  Many Fairfield businesses not switching smoking policies.
RI:  A federal appeals court has agreed to rehear a lawsuit over the Narragansett Indian Tribe's tax-free smoke shop in Charlestown.
WI:  Madison's Smoking Ban Up For Repeal.  Wiggie's Bar Owner Calls Ban 'Disaster'
Bangkok:  Monks Under Attack.
India:  Panel to study ban on smoking in films, TV.
Ireland:  Saints and sinners.
Japan:  Light(en) up on smokers.One objection, curiously enough, rests on cultural grounds.
Korea:  Smoking Statistics. I must agree with whoever said, "There are lies, damned lies, and statistics." 
Northern Ireland:  Smoking Ban Is Ignoring Majority.
Scotland:  Smoke ban was a fait accompli.
Scotland:  Bosses may challenge smoking ban in pubs.
Scotland:  TMA attacks theatre inclusion in Scottish smoking ban.
South Africa:  New law has 'smoking parties' in its sights. 
UK:  ONS report is proof of lack of support for total smoking ban, says FOREST.
USA:  DOJ Tobacco Disgorgement Appeal Deadline Set For July 18.
Wales:  Assembly plans total smoking ban.
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