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May 27, 2005 Issue #330

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"Facts are the enemy of truth." - Don Quixote - "Man of La Mancha"
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OH Tax Update. Smokers, not drinkers, to feel tax hit; proposal targets tobacco to keep beer-related jobs. It would be part of a tax reform package that also includes a 21 percent reduction in personal income taxes over the next five years and a reworking of business taxes. (Note: They don't even lie and pretend it's for the "kids" anymore. Smokers simply pay for everything for everyone. Why? Smokers are the biggest minority that can be legally fleeced and no one will complain. HelloÖ that's not fair! Do this to golfers or some other group for a change, will you?)

Stanton Glantz, Ph.D - Doctor of WHAT? By Michael McFadden. Glantz has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. Stanton Glantz's Economic Study on Smoking Bans is Flawed. Inaccuracies discovered in widely accepted report. Glantz was the real source behind the widely quoted statistic 53,000 second-hand-smoke-related-deaths per year. The EPA denied it, after the CDC released it to a couple of Florida newspapers. The number was never retracted.
UK: ASBO is an acronym for the ''anti-social behavior orders'' that have been introduced by the government of Prime Minister Tony Blair. He has promised to extend them in the third term he won in elections earlier this month. An ASBO is a kind of esoteric injunction that bans people from highly specific acts that fall just this side of criminality.
Lighters In Airports Update. All lighters are still banned. Four books of common safety matches are permitted as carry-on items. Penalties for breaking the rules remain the same.
NJ: Bowlers Unite Against Smoking Ban. Did you ever try to walk in wet bowling shoes? Bowling lane owners send shoes to lawmakers. They also fear the ban will hurt their business because smoking and drinking is so associated with the activity. That's a concern echoed by owners of bars, casinos and other places where smoking is commonplace.
WA: State Alert. Latest ban on smoking might make it to ballot. The American Cancer Society pledge will buy 125,000 signatures from paid gatherers. (A non-profit buying petition results?!) Read about the Boycott.
Anti-Smoking Crusader Suspended At Chrysler. Fenton, MO: Last month, the UAW President Ron Gettlelfinger went on record saying he didn't support a smoking ban in assembly plants as a way to lower health costs. He said automakers should be more concerned with the chemicals workers are exposed to than with smoking.
We Are Everyday People:
The smoking ban plan. By Dimitri Vassilaros. Dixon agrees that this potential expansion of governmental intrusion could lead to a smoking ban in every home.
Cigarettes and candy bars or smoke gets in your eyes. By Charles M. Arlinghaus. This is part of the new philosophy of nanny taxes. We tax things that are bad for you because we know better than you and then we can get the money. We used to call these sin taxes because it implied we were just taxing evil things so you shouldn't complain.
Back To the Future: Social and Economic Regression to the 1920's. By Norman E. Kjono. An old work by Leroy J. Pletten, first published in 1999, is making the rounds again. That work is alleged to be supportive of smoker's rights to a safe product. In fact, it is a particularly malicious bit of anti-tobacco propaganda that includes links to Action on Smoking and Health (ASH).

From The Mailbag:
FL: Lakeland. Board Endorses Hookah Palace.
FL: A 'sloppy' smoking bill. Once that's done, other restaurants will want equal treatment, historical or not.
IL: Officials ponder wine ruling. Olson said he is worried that opening up interstate, direct-to-consumer shipping will make it easier for underage drinkers to access alcohol.
IL: Champaign. Smoking ban study possible.
ME: Cigarette tax bills to target Net sales.
MI: Bounty Offered On Smokers. Paying bounties to the dregs of our society to become informants? This is SICK!
MN: Robert Hayes Halfpenny: Evidently Governor Pawlenty thinks all he has to do is say a fee is not a tax and he has kept his word to the Minnesotan voters.
MN: Minneapolis legal challenge. The group, represented by attorney Randall Tigue, presented its case to Hennepin County District Judge Charles Porter. Read the first case history here.
MO: St. Louis County Smoking ban will be trimmed. The new proposal could include exemptions for small bars, bowling alleys, Harrah's Casino and Lambert Field.
MO: Arnold snuffs out bid to alter ban on smoking.
MS: Gov. goes after Antis. A case to determine if the Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi will continue to receive $20 million per year.
MT: Tobacco tax falling short of expectations.
NJ: Borough poised to restrict smoking at outdoor events.
NY: County sued over smoking at casino.
NY: Bars still hurting from smoking ban. Oswego County legislator Doug Malone says now is the time for state lawmakers to step in and save small business owners before it's too late.
NY: State gave flawed data on smoking ban's effect. Leaving out the hundreds of businesses forced to close because of the ban clearly distorts the findings.
NY: Mayor Bloomberg's Republican opponent is trying to fire up a new base: smokers.
NY: Players Club Lost Lawsuit. A judge tossed out a lawsuit brought by a 115-year-old private club that sought to strike down no-smoking laws so it could continue to honor its members - who include Walter Cronkite and Carol Burnett - with ceremonies that include lighting up.
OH: Westerville smoking ban narrowly passes.
OH: New Albany. No exemptions for New Albany smoking ban.
RI: Narragansett Indian Smoke Shop Reopens. Read more about the Tribe Lawsuit and the history of the case.
RI: Smoking-ban lawsuit is on hold.
RI: Feeling The Ban Affects. Smoke-free law drives patrons away from some Exeter businesses.
TN: Smoking groups fight for rights at local eateries.
TN: Yes S.I.R. Update. We are growing in numbers fast and the word is spreading fast, that yes, there are two sides to this issue.
TN: Tobacco commission endorses sale of tax-exempt bonds.
VA: Philip Morris In Richmond. New center is giving biotechnology facility boost.
WI: Capitol Watch: Tavern League fights smoking ban.
WI: Oshkosh smoking ban suit dismissed by judge.
WI: Wausau. Smoking Ban Revision?
WV: Wheeling. Opponents of Smoking Ban Say Oaths Are Not Enough.
USA: Tobacco Firms Question Settlement Payments.
USA: Alcohol And Tobacco Retailers Fight Back Using Biometric Technology.
USA: Beef tax. Court upholds 'Beef: It's What's for Dinner.' The justices rule that First Amendment protections don't apply to the beef campaign, alienating some ranchers. (Another group of Americans donít like being forced to pay money with no choice or say, for something they donít support.)
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