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May 20, 2005 Issue #329

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"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety" -Benjamin Franklin
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Supreme Court OKs Interstate Wine Retailing. The 5-4 decision strikes down laws in New York and Michigan that make it a crime to buy wine directly from vineyards in another state. In all, 24 states have laws that bar interstate shipments.

Schwartz offers D.C. smoking ban compromise. Bars and restaurants in the District could continue letting their patrons light up if they are willing to pay more for their business license and install ventilation systems, under a bill introduced by D.C. Councilwoman Carol Schwartz.
Nicotine Testing Students. TN: Kids who test positive for nicotine must be test negative before they can participate in extra curricular activities, Koger said. Students who are tested are chosen at random by a computer program.
The Anti-Smoking Fascist Nazi Gestapo Bastards. By Doc Farmer. The worst offense against freedom, however, has to go to the lowly smoker. Until they come to the next ''great risk.'' And, although that risk may not be as great, well, it worked so well for cigarettes they might as well try it here too. And little by little, item by item, our freedoms and our rights are slowly eroded away until we have none.
And they call this "science" This makes available ALL the studies ever conducted on passive smoke and lung cancer/cardiovascular disease. Statistical significance, authors, financing; it is all there, a quarter century of research on passive smoke - to prove what? Nothing, other that it is impossible to demonstrate that passive smoke is harmful.
Got a Light? By Keith Plocek. What we are suggesting is that City Council overstepped its bounds by enacting the smoking ban, placing the success of the hospitality industry and its workers in jeopardy, all the while ignoring the social benefits of smoking as well as a slew of more pressing issues. Kids shouldn't take up smoking, but when it comes to rational adults, we think choice is a good thing.
Fat Patch Next? With the introduction of yet another pill designed to cash in on the obesity hysteria, Norman Kjono envisions saturation pharmaceutical ad campaigns focusing on the derrieres of fat smokers...
Onion Gets It Right on TV Science Experts. By Elizabeth M. Whelan, Sc.D., M.P.H. Presentations that include scares and fears generally provide more entertainment than those that offer assurances and dismiss popular beliefs about prevailing hazards (despite a tiny handful of marvelous exceptions, such as Mythbusters, John Stossel, and Penn and Teller's series).
Super-Sized Statistics. By Wendy McElroy. The CDC seems determined to create confusion, not clarity on the statistics.
Second-Hand Estrogens. By Steve Kellmeyer. If we ban cigarettes because of their health risk, certainly our liberal friends would want to ban hormonal contraceptives. Or is second-hand estrogen a cow too sacred to touch?
Human Papillomavirus. More Diseases Pinned on Old Culprit.
Nicotine Vaccine. A nicotine vaccine which could help people stop smoking came a step closer to reality today with promising results from a major new trial.
Drug's Effect on Cancer Stuns Doctors. No one could have been more surprised than the doctors themselves. They were just hoping to relieve the symptoms of a deadly blood disorder - and ended up treating the disease itself. In nearly half of the people who took the experimental drug, the cancer became undetectable.
We Are Everyday People:
First, Suppose You Might Be Wrong… By Cat Farmer. Selectively criminalizing behaviors is a slippery slope; the law should defend individuals from aggression, not defend those who aggress against the individual as the law so often does today.
Dave Chappelle. "I'm not crazy. I'm not smoking crack. I'm definitely stressed out. My drugs these days are nicotine and coffee." "I want to make sure I'm dancing and not shuffling," he continues.
Arnold Schwarzenegger fights for his cigar tent. The Schwarzenegger camp says the tent promotes bipartisan relations and has vowed that no one will take away his tent.

From The Mailbag:
AR: Pine Bluff. Issues revolving around health and the rights of business owners to allow smoking.
CA: Junk food a cash cow for schools. Is it time to kill the cheese zombie? Better face it. It isn't easy to kill a zombie.
CO: Pueblo. Closed bars cited in Pueblo as an effect of smoke-free rules.
DE: Lorillard Challenge In Court. To Decide Antismoking Ads from American Legacy Foundation.
FL: Student Hookah Bar. Between 200 and 300 hookah bars have opened in the country in the past five years, according to Smokeshop Magazine.
IA: Tax Update. No one was willing to stand up and ask where the millions the state got from the tobacco companies went - money that was supposed to offset health costs due to smoking.
IL: State Update. Restaurants and bars could face local smoking bans if Gov. Blagojevich backs a measure the General Assembly approved Tuesday despite fierce opposition from the hospitality industry.
IN: Indy could loosen smoking ban restrictions. After the City-County Council committee votes on the changes, the full council could vote on the ban as early as next week.
ME: No new tax. Baldacci health policy chief Trish Riley told The AP that "the administration is not ready to embrace a cigarette tax."
MN: R.J. Reynolds Wins Suit. Judge dismisses 'Lights' class-action suit.
NC: Lorillard Challenge In Court. To Decide Antismoking Ads from American Legacy Foundation.
NC: Farmer Update. N.C. Supreme Court hears arguments in tobacco-payments case.
NV: Alert! Two ballot questions in 2006 related to smoking.
NY: Appeals court decertifies tobacco class action.
RI: A federal appeals court ruled that the state violated the sovereign rights of the Narragansett Indian tribe when state troopers raided a tax-free smoke shop set up by the tribe in July 2003.
TN: No smokes for minors via Internet. The bill would require a label on a delivery package.
TN: If TennCare wishes to drive smokers out and make it a qualification to be enrolled to not be a smoker, it is no more of a Nazi tactic than...
TX: Austin. By Jan Larson. Some fear that smoking bans will eventually lead to bans on other behavior deemed "bad" by those that "know best."
WI: Appleton. Bar Owners Plan Lawsuit Over Smoking Ban.
WI: Brown County. Smoking bans infringe on business owners' rights.
WI: Madison's Smoking Ban Could Be Over Before it Begins.
WI: Wausau might throw out its smoking ban just days after it takes effect in favor of a revised ban designed to be less burdensome for small businesses, namely taverns.
WV: Wheeling. Smoking Ban Passes Again. After: Smoking Ban Overturned. Harris said that if the board tries to pass the regulation again he hopes they will do so within the guidelines of the law.
NZ: Greater-than-expected impact from a smoking ban and government rules to control gambling.
UK: Smoking ban included in Queen's Speech.
USA: Trend: You smoke? You're fired! Some smokers' rights groups are vowing legal action.
USA: Boycotts Do Work. Are you aware of any smoker owned businesses that refuse to hire NON-SMOKERS? A little reverse discrimination would be nice.
USA: DOJ Urges Youth Smoking Targets, Fines In Fraud Case.
USA: RJR Eclipse Under Attack. States Warn on Ad Claims.
USA: American Cancer Society Debates Epstein.
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