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May 6, 2005 Issue #327

"A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves." Bertrand de Jouvenel - FRENCH STATESMAN AND JOURNALIST (1876-1935)
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Audrey Silk for NYC Mayor. Silk says she is in the race to stay. She is appalled at how easily New Yorkers have submitted to having their behavior enforced by law. In a year when the media are panning the four drab Democrats running for mayor, Silk seems about right when she calls herself "the real deal."

Smoking ban creates unexpected dilemma. MN: In an unusual twist on metro-area smoking bans, a few Ramsey County eating and drinking spots are being forced to decide between going smoke-free or going liquor-free.
FORCES West Virginia is preparing to file a lawsuit in West Virginia, will you join us? The evidence we supply is now complete - and we can support it with epidemiological consulting by professional epidemiologists in any courtroom anywhere in the world.
Scientists use tobacco plants to create antibodies against tumor cells. Scientists at Jefferson Medical College are using tobacco plants to produce monoclonal antibodies - tiny guided protein missiles - that can target and hunt down cancer cells. The plants promise to provide a cheaper, faster method of producing anticancer antibodies, raising hopes that the technology can one day be used in humans.
Dewey, Cheatum & Howe. This information was presented in a symposium circa 1997 as advice to the pharmaceutical and medical industry on how to profit from alternative nicotine products, once smoking bans were in place.
Study Aside, Fat-Fighting Industry Continues Mission. By Gina Kolata. Has the fat fever broken? Don't count on it.
Scientists Add Clout in NIH Fight. Agency researchers who oppose conflict rules hire lawyers who also serve the drug industry. Scientists at the National Institutes of Health who are fighting new rules that would end their financial ties to the drug industry have hired, at a favorable rate, a law and lobbying firm that also represents the companies.
We Are Everyday People:
Denzel Washington An American Hero. He took his check book out and wrote a check for the full amount right there on the spot.
THE MOUSE - A FABLE Maybe we need to get some of the "I don't care what happens to smokers, it doesn't affect me..." sheeple out there to read this too!
The Smoker. By Marky Lazer. "Are you a smoker, sir?" asked an attractive blond girl while I was on my way to the train station. She surprised me.
Ashtray memorial to smoker. UK: Possibly the world's most unapologetic smoker will be remembered in future by a memorial she would have approved of - an outsize concrete ashtray in the garden of the nursing home where she died at 105.
Teens Find Recreational Drugs in Medicine Cabinet. By Ron Gara. In other words, 'Generation Rx' has arrived."
How smoking bans threaten global productivity. By Thingfish. So after more than ten weeks of tobacco-free living, I ought to feel on top of the world. Not a bit of it. I'm smoke-free and I feel like crap.
Leading scientific journals 'are censoring debate on global warming' By Robert Matthews. As with Dr Peiser's study, Science refused to publish his rebuttal. Prof Bray told The Telegraph: "They said it didn't fit with what they were intending to publish." "But if political considerations dictate what gets published, it's all over for science."

From The Mailbag:
CA: Asbestos worries widen in foothills.
CO: State Alert. The House tentatively approved a bill Tuesday that would ban smoking in public places.
CO: Fort Collins. Small Town Bans Smoking in Bars and Restaurants.. When It Gets Them.
FL: Tampa. County Employees' New Smoking Shelters Draw Fire.
FL: R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Wins Flight Attendant Case in Florida.
IL: Tavern's choice. We firmly believe that all business owners should be free to make decisions based on their clientele's wants or needs.
IL: Chief Judge Edward Ferguson has lifted his ban on smoking within 150 feet of the county's new Criminal Justice Center.
IL: Joel J. Africk, (our Anti friend who attempted to stop the shipment of cigarettes from Skokie to our troops in Iraq a few months ago) of the American Lung Association of Metropolitan Chicago, is already at the forefront of Antis encouraging a statewide smoking ban.
IN: Muncie. Smoking ban again proposed.
KY: Cinco de Mayo party canceled. For the first time in seven years, the annual Cinco de Mayo celebration hosted outside Fields' Rosebud Bar on Mill Street won't happen.
NY: Court upholds ban on Internet cigarette sales.
ME: Tourists drop off. Partnership For A Tobacco Free Maine is choking the economy!
MI: Workplace Bans. The ban, requested by the Northwest Michigan Community Health Agency and approved by Charlevoix, Emmet, Antrim and Otsego county boards, requires all businesses to provide an environment free of second-hand smoke.
MO: Columbia Smoking ban foes inflamed by revisions.
MT: The Rocky Boy tribal council has revoked the business license of Debbie St. Pierre, owner of Village Grocery, forcing her to close by Wednesday.
NC: Information Session for Tobacco Buyout Offer. Some North Carolina Tobacco Farmers may see a brighter economic future, after years of struggling to meet production quotas.
OH: Columbus voters uphold smoking ban.
OH: State Update. Ban Petition Drive. Smoking ban steps on our rights.
OH: Newark Effort to breathe life into ban fails. City Council President Marc Guthrie introduced an amended smoking ban compromise at Monday night's meeting, but it did not get a vote.
OH: Westerville. City's businesses await final decision.
RI: State. The Health Department has received 117 complaints about unlawful smoking.
TN: State Property Rights. Organization forms to counter no-smoking efforts in restaurants.
TX: Austin. Smoking Ban Vote Drawing Battle Lines.
TX: Houston Odor ban.
WI: Brown County joins smoking-ban debate. Survey seeks businesses' opinions on smoking ban.
Germany: Exploding toads baffle German scientists.
NZ: Smoking ban affects gaming revenue more than forecast.
Scotland: Parliament Passes Smoking Ban Effective Next Year.

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