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April 29, 2005 Issue #326

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."
- Napoleon Bonaparte
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More Ban Damage: Death certificates from "smoking" are zero, while death certificates from smoking bans and making a legal product un-politically correct are rising.
Australia: Man Assaults Daughter Over Smoking. Throwing her against a wall and repeatedly kicking her after an argument about her smoking.
Kansas: A request for a cigarette apparently led to the shooting death of a former high school track athlete in Wichita.
Rhode Island: A 79-year-old man faces a misdemeanor assault charge for allegedly slapping his 84-year-old wife when he discovered she had been smoking. A neighbor reported that it sounded like "he was slapping the hell out of her."
Texas: Robber beats up store owner over cigarettes. "The [robber] used his fists and other objects to hit her in the face and head," Roberts said.
United Kingdom: Child attacked for smoking. An 11-YEAR-OLD boy was attacked outside a youth cafe by a man aged 36 - for smoking.
Read More: Ban Loss and Damage.

Bar to sue over smoking ban. NY: A bar owner who has been repeatedly cited for violating Rockland's indoor smoking ban has filed a notice in court that he intends to sue the county for $27.5 million for violating his civil rights. Frank Watkins, owner of the Mount Ivy Pub, said the smoking ban that went into effect in July 2003 interfered with his right to make a living.
Ron White Stands Up To The Antis. Thunderous applause greeted White when he poured himself a drink and lit up a cigar. "I said if I can't smoke, I ain't comin' And if you don't like it, the exits are there, there, there, ."
Italy's New Health Minister said he wants more public smoking areas, sharply reduced under a new ban, and slammed what he called a trend towards obsessive health policies, in published comments.
Silvio Berlusconi was given the green light on Friday by Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi to form a new government.
NRTs and Placebo. Assigned Versus Perceived Placebo Effects in Nicotine Replacement Therapy for Smoking Reduction in Swiss Smokers.
Ohio Updates:
Airport installing equipment to help smokers with lighter ban.
State Update Statewide smoking ban is goal of officials. Collins believes a statewide initiative would never work - citing as proof the recent defeat of Newark's smoking ban last week.
Columbia. When judging anti-smoking efforts, follow the money.
Fairfield. After lengthy debate, Fairfield smoking ban faces 4-3 approval. Basically you can continue to smoke everywhere you did before...
Granville. Possibility for smoke-free Granville remains in air.
Heath may consider amending smoking ordinance.
New Albany Council debates exemption for proposed smoking ban.
Westerville. Council not interested in exemptions for bars.
Proposed Bans. By Joyce Welling, Owner, Fitzpatrick's Tavern in Toledo speaks out.
Fallout from CDC Goof. "In Washington the search for truth is a creative process. First, you create a premise. Next you create a statistic to back it up. Then you create an audience by repeating it over and over again, until the media pick it up. That's when you know that you've done it." "Done what?""Created a fact!"
Statistics On Disease Inflated. By Frank Greve. Relax. Grim estimates of how many millions of Americans have various diseases are often as high and wild as a baseball pitcher in spring. And they're all over the place.
Allergy Update. Cells shed by people, animals add up to air pollutant.
Safety of air cleaners suspect. State and U.S. panels voice concern about household purifiers that produce ozone.
Air passengers 'risking health.' More than half of air passengers are risking their health flying by being starved of oxygen, a study says.
We Are Everyday People:
We're Mad As Hell, And We're Not Going To Take It Anymore!! By Tom Hurst. Who are the real losers in the war on smoking? In fact, the biggest losers of America's anti-tobacco crusade aren't tobacco companies and smokers, but the American people who are incrementally giving up their PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS, which are guaranteed by the Constitution.
Intolerance Addicts. By Norm Kjono. What it is with the mainstream media these days? Self-described as liberals, these reporters nonetheless revel in orgies of hate not seen since the hey day of the Ku Klux Klan.
Feds Rethinking RFID Passport. By Kim Zetter. Following criticism from computer security professionals and civil libertarians about the privacy risks posed by new RFID passports the government plans to begin issuing, a State Department official said his office is reconsidering a privacy solution it rejected earlier that would help protect passport holders' data.

From The Mailbag:
AL: Birmingham Association prefers statewide ban on smoking.
CA: Antis Target Schwarzenegger. Right now, the smoking tent is legal, but it may not be much longer. The smoking tent is an informal area where the governor can meet with people to discuss state business.
CA: Jury Rules for Philip Morris.
CA: Defiance. Ban on smoking no bar to local taverns. Number one - an old-fashioned American scofflaw outlook that says, "If I sincerely believe a law is unjustified, I'm justified in disobeying it."
CA: After Big Pharmaceutical Money. JAMA Says Drug Ads are 'A Haphazard Approach to Health Promotion.
CO: Senate tentatively approves statewide smoking ban for restaurants.
FL: Bill would exempt actors from smoking ban.
KY: Lexington. Committee will review smoking ban.
KY: Georgetown. Restaurant Smoking Ban Gaining Ground In Kentucky Community.
ME: Real Reform. By Michael Vaughan HD105. Here are a few items of interest concerning the FACTS in Maine's Legislated Health Insurance Disaster.
MI: Wayne County Smoking ban doesn't generate much fire. The voluntary regulation allows employers to maintain designated smoking rooms, as long as non-smoking employees do not have to enter the room to access other workplace amenities.
MN: Bar Owners Hurting. Mpls. Bar Owners Say Ban Is Bad For Business.
MO: Cape Girardeau. Burning at both ends. By Matt Sanders. As of right now, the city government doesn't have any plans to enact such a ban, said Mayor Jay Knudtson.
ND: Grafton OK's smoking ban.
NH: Tax Hike Uncertain In Senate. Measure Does Not Appear To Have Votes To Pass.
NJ: Princeton Health Commission endorses smoking ban in new plaza. In addition to the smoking ban, would apply restrictions to dogs, disorderly conduct, liquor and littering to the plaza.
NY: Gets $804M Tobacco Lode. The amount was the largest single payment to the state under a 1998 settlement.
TN: Yes S.I.R. has successful first meeting, yes, there are two sides to this issue.
TX: Galveston. There's an easier way than a ban on smoking.
TX: Houston. John Daly: smoke 'em if you got 'em.
TX: Midland. The City Council rejected an all-out public smoking ban Tuesday, and instead voted in favor of an ordinance patterned after Odessa's existing one, allowing restaurant and bar owners to opt for all smoking, all non-smoking or two separate sections in their establishments.
WA: House approves 'sin' taxes. Increased the tax on cigarettes by 60 cents a pack and the tax on hard liquor by $1.33 per liter.
WI: Brown County Supervisor to Propose County-wide Smoking Ban.
WI: De Pere. Freedom goes up in smoke. By Warren Bluhm. Let's toss out a hypothetical.
WI: Madison Smoking Ban poses public health risk.
WV: Mercer County. Smoking Ban Gets Nod.
WY: Laramie Judge will hold hearing on smoking ban challenge.
Canada: Bars, restaurants plead for relief. "I mean, we're an $18 billion industry in Ontario, over 400,000 employees, and what - they don't care?"
Germany: Tobacco Taxes Backfired Imperial Tobacco's Davis Says. Smokers are increasingly buying cigarettes in neighboring countries, over the Internet, or are making their own with loose tobacco in both countries.
Ireland: 200 Pubs Close! 20% drinking more at home since smoking ban. The Vintners Federation of Ireland told an Oireachtas committee yesterday that 7,600 jobs had been lost in the hospitality industry since the ban's introduction, while 200 pubs had also closed down.
UK: Gum Tax. With no power to introduce a bylaw, it can only pressure the Government to introduce a national tax on gum.
Ukraine: Forget the ban on smoking - ban spitting instead.

Here's what the Anti's are cooking up next for your town.
And what the Anti's have in your town now to take your rights away.
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