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April 22, 2005 Issue #325

"I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let's start with typewriters." - Frank Lloyd Wright
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Give the antis a "Texas Water Welcome." Brownsville, TX. KFC Manager Douses Animal Activists. John Olivo, the manager of the fast-food chicken restaurant, turned the system on full blast to soak the curbside protesters. And a man who eats beef followed them around with his stepchildren and a microphone.

Michigan Smokers Protection Bill. Bill would protect workers who smoke on own time. Bernero's legislation has both Democratic and Republican co-sponsors. It's also endorsed by the American Civil Liberties Union.
UAW leader against smoking ban in plants. United Auto Workers union president Ron Gettelfinger, who said earlier this week he won't reopen the union's contract with General Motors Corp. to deal with rising health-care costs, said Friday he doesn't support banning smoking in assembly plants.
Canada: Ontario Ban Loss. The most extensive study to date detailing the economic impact of the impending McGuinty government's smoking ban (Bill 164). Smoking Bans Bankrupt Business and Destroys Jobs - New Groundbreaking Canadian Study by Leading U.S. Economist Uncovers the Truth. Smoking Ban Hurting Business - Extensive Study Confirms.
Read More: Ban Loss and Damage.
CDC has some explaining to do! The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has apparently revised it's guestimates on obesity-attributed mortality. This is simply hilarious.
VA Tobacco Bonds. A number of states, wanting to tap into the federal settlement money quickly, created authorities to sell bonds backed only by the promise of those payments. That allowed the states to take the money up front while transferring risk to bondholders.
RICO Update. Appeals court keeps decision for tobacco firms in US racketeering suit. Appeals Court Won't Rehear Tobacco Ruling. A federal appeals court on Wednesday refused to reconsider a recent ruling that barred the government from seeking $280 billion in past profits from cigarette makers as part of its civil racketeering case against the industry.
Antis After Your Booze NOW!
The U.N.'s Neo-Prohibitionists. By Steve Milloy. The United Nations is coming for your booze and it's starting to fabricate the kind of factoids that the international health nannies will no doubt try to spin into "conventional wisdom."
Ireland Shakes Up Liquor. "We need a cultural shift in this country in our approach to alcohol consumption, a shift towards moderate social consumption and away from the excessive consumption patterns and binge drinking that so often results in alcohol-related harm," he said.
We Are Everyday People:
Second-hand smoke a 'weapon' against rights. By Rory Walkinshaw. The war on smokers' rights by the anti-tobacco lobby does not, contrary to popular opinion, go unopposed. There are many ways that public activists and freedom-minded individuals can punch holes through anti-smoking arguments.
Soldiers fighting for right to smoke? By John Stossel. Government smoking bans take away our freedom.
Everyday is Tax Day for Adult Smokers! Despite this dismal record of using money derived from smokers and the tobacco industry for everything except what government officials said they needed it for, many states want more.
Genes and Macular Degeneration. A trio of studies has identified a gene variant that may be responsible for about half of the 15 million age-related macular degeneration (AMD) cases in the United States.
Happiness, the key to reduced cortisol levels, better health. By Nigel Wright. Happiness can lower stress hormone levels and result in a healthier heart, scientists at University College London have said.
Zoo Wants Chimpanzee to Stop Smoking. "He even acts like a naughty schoolboy by hiding the cigarette when staff approach the area," Barnes said, adding that the zoo was determined to help him quit.
Let's Hear It For "Doctor Control" By Chuck Baldwin. After all, since public health and safety are the paramount issues today, it stands to reason that this glaring loophole must be corrected.
Comedy: Political Correctness. THE BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR - 2004 version.

From The Mailbag:
AL: Huntsville. City Council considers smoking ban.
AL: Mobile. Smoking ban in Mobile on hold despite pressure.
CA: Apartment smoking bans may widen.
FL: Charging Cigarette Companies Not Part Of Settlement. A similar bill passed the Senate last year but died in the House, where opponents saw it as a tax increase.
FL: Smoking outside. Village might consider smoking ban in parks.
FL: Sloppy Joe's Update. "We're the only business in the state that would qualify under this legislation," he said. "Some people may say, 'Oh, you're cutting yourself out of the herd.' The truth is, we are, because we're in a unique situation."
FL: Money Fight. Lawmakers put pinch on anti-tobacco ads. The "Truth" (Anti Group) is about to be snuffed again.
IA: Cigarette tax may be doubled to 72 cents a pack.
IL: Highland Park Council poised to pass smoking ban.
IN: Indianapolis Debate Continues Over Smoking Ban.
KS: Lawrence. City's smoking ban found constitutional. Steffes said he would appeal the case to Douglas County District Court, meaning the constitutional challenge to the smoking ban will continue.
KY: Louisville Smoking-ban proposal advances. AND The Politicians Never Give Up - Arenas and Smoking Bans.
MI: State Alert. Legislators plan to push again for statewide smoking ban.
MO: Arnold will consider alterations in ban on smoking. AND Council session on smoking ban firey. Councilman resigns, stalks out.
MS: Hearing set for a lawsuit that seeks to stop $20 million annual payments to the anti-tobacco group.
ND: State Approves Smoking Ban for Restaurants.
NH: Beware smokers of tax hike.
NY: Where is the money? What Happened to All the Tobacco Funds? NY: Indian negotiations could make casinos smoke-free.
OH: Newark. BAN SNUFFED OUT. It was an all-or-nothing vote Monday night on an amended smoking ban and the result was: Nothing.
PA: Mayoral hopeful Hop Kendrick says no Pittsburgh ban.
PA: Philly Smoking ban gets power nap.
TN: YesSir Meeting. Shoney's in Maryville at 3:00 pm on Saturday April 23rd.
TX: Galveston Council to go all the way with smoking ban.
VA: Governor signs tobacco bill despite opposition from Little Tobacco.
WI: Professor Sued For Using Kids. Offered credit for supporting smoking ban, lawsuit claims.
WI: State Update. If a proposal circulating in Madison catches fire, it could snuff out any local no-smoking ordinance that is stricter than state law. Janesville's is among them.
WI: Proposed 'Dining Act' has anti-smoking group steaming.
WI: De Pere Alderman Wants City Smoking Ban.
WI: Wausau council passes smoking ban ordinance.
Hong Kong: Officials insist on total smoking ban.
NZ: Campaigners seek anti-smokefree referendum.
Sweden: ready for smoking ban.
USA: Here's what happens to stuff they take from you at airports. Items Abandoned at Airport Checkpoints Selling 'Like Hotcakes'
USA: Smoking On Screen. By John McMurtrie. From Bogie to Bardot, cigarettes symbolize sex, sin and now shame.

Here's what the Anti's are cooking up next for your town.
And what the Anti's have in your town now to take your rights away.
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