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April 15, 2005 Issue #324

"In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." - Martin Luther King Jr.
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Mankind will beat cancer by 2015. Professor Karol Sikora, a special advisor to the World Health Organisation, said: "At the moment, most people will die from it once the disease spreads. That will stop in about 2015. [Cancers] will become controllable illnesses - you will still have cancer, but you'll live with it for a long time, rather like diabetes."
NK Parts Industries. Sidney, Ohio. Smoke during nonworking hours and you will pay for it! "Associates who are certified as non-tobacco users will be tested either annually or randomly using a nicotine urine test to verify the certification. ..."
Weyco update. By John Stossel. Where's There's Smoke, They're Fired. Workers Dismissed After Rejecting Employer's Smoking Policy.
Arkansas Smoking ban fails in House. Rep. Jeremy Hutchinson, R-Little Rock, agreed, saying the ban would infringe on a person's property rights. The bill failed on a 41-48 vote.
Nebraska Statewide smoking ban measure fails. After another three hours of heated and often meandering debate, state senators voted 19-26 to nix a proposed statewide ban on smoking in many workplaces, keeping Lincoln as the only place in the state with a strict no-smoking law.
Canadian Hotels launch legal action over smoking ban. The association filed a statement of claim with the Court of Queen's Bench arguing its members' rights are being violated under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms because First Nations are allowing smoking in their casinos and other businesses.
First Nations casinos all allow smoking. "When we allow the province or anybody to come on to our land to tell us what to do, that affects the treaties. And to me that's the stand we have to take. It's unfortunate it has to be smoking . . . but we feel the province has no jurisdiction on our land to tell us what to do," he said in an interview.
Welsh smoking ban now fought by 3,000 pubs. John Price, secretary of the LVA, said: "We will continue our fight against any potential ban." Meanwhile, in Northern Ireland the Federation of the Retail Licensed Trade (FRLT) has delivered a submission to the country’s Department of Health urging compromise in their own debate.
UK - NHS could refuse patients who will not mend ways. The document is out for consultation until the end of June.
GP calls hospital smoke ban 'cruel and not civilised'. "Providing a smoking area for patients, not to mention the stressed-out staff, is a sympathetic and civilised solution."
Asthma. Water-damaged buildings tied to workers' asthma. By Amy Norton. "We feel our study adds to the evidence that asthma can develop in damp indoor environments," Dr. Jean M. Cox-Ganser, a researcher at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, told Reuters Health.
Dandruff and climate? Just when you thought you'd heard absolutely everything that "studies" could ever "show", along comes this one.
Scientists Rush to Destroy Killer Flu Virus. "The virus could cause a global (flu) outbreak. It was an unwise decision to send it out," said Stohr, who heads the United Nations health agency's influenza program.
World Health Chief Urges More Vaccines in Africa. Three of these countries were in Africa -- Egypt, Niger and Nigeria.
We Are Everyday People:
House Proposes Increased Funding For Terrorists. By Norm Kjono. It's do or die for anti-tobacco in Washington this legislative session.
The hunt for the pro-smokers. By Duncan Walker. Jackson, who recently moved back to the UK after leaving New York, partly because of its smoking policy, is in no mood for the "appalling prospect" of a ban here. "Nightlife works better when everyone can socialise together," he says. The singer's spirit of compromise is typical of those arguing for smokers' rights nowadays. Nobody talks of being "pro-smoker" - instead they are "pro-choice".
Where there is smoke, there's a tax. By Arlan Purdy. I had an intermittent smoking problem as a child. Not smoking, really, but I would roll up little squares of paper and puff away until I got dizzy.
Blocking online cigarette sales threatens us all. By Otto Z. Stern. So, for all the Aunt Margarets out there, let's fight for our right to smoke cheap cigarettes. The internet is the future.
Internet Sales Update. Cigarette Web Sites on Last Gasp.
UK: Joe has seen it all. Since the introduction of the smoking ban, he feels the problems have been worse. He says every driver now has a story to tell about being either attacked, abused or robbed…and many have several.

From The Mailbag:
AL: Fort Payne. Broader smoking ban possible.
CO: State Update. Smoking ban pushing some to cross party lines. "Last time I checked, cigarettes were legal." AND On way to Senate for a vote.
CT: Some ignore point of law. Opponents of the ban - and even some police officials - say the action highlights the statute's Achilles' heel: It is unenforceable.
FL: Money Fight. Program to fight smoking is at risk. State legislators are steering most of the tobacco cash to health and social programs in their own districts.
IL: Senate OKs bill letting cities ban public smoking. Bill now moves to the Illinois House for consideration.
IN: Anti-tobacco funding cut. … state audit found high schools never received thousands of dollars intended for anti-smoking efforts.
IN: Marion County. Smoking-ban foes make voices heard.
KY: Danville. Trent set to propose smoking ban. AND Commissioners are split.
KY: Newport not ready to ban smoking. "It's a business decision," Mayor Tom Guidugli said, "a customer's decision."
LA: Shreveport Proposed smoking ban gets some hot. AND Council postpones vote.
MN: Police won't enforce ban. Plymouth Police Chief Mike Goldstein told the Plymouth City Council March 29.
MN: Hennepin County. Crystal VFW Gambling has already lost over $6000.00. That is $6000.00 less that will be put back into the community to support.
MN: Cities sidestep smoking ban talk. "I think we would prefer the state Legislature to handle it," said Richard Carlbom, mayor of St. Joseph. "It's a statewide solution. Locally, I don't think we can make a sound decision without negatively impacting business owners."
MO: St. Louis County. Results are foggy on smoking ban impact.
MO: Beer giant threatens boycott. Anheuser-Busch says it won't buy rice from Missouri if genetically-modified medicinal crops are allowed to be grown in the state.
MT: 'Marlboro Country' Montana Gets Smoking Ban.
MT: Helena's smoking ban constitutional. The city is bound to enforce its law until the statewide smoking ban takes effect on Oct. 1.
NE: State Update. Lawmakers Begin Smoking Ban Debate.
NE: Lincoln Smoking ban debate heats up.
NJ: Holmdel tables proposed ban on smoking.
OH: Cincinnati city council has decided to stick with rules already in place when it comes to a smoking ban within city limits. That means the guidelines established by the city's board of health 20-years ago are now law. Which means smoking is banned in public places but still allowed in restaurants, bars and bowling alleys.
OH: New Albany. Village Council introduces and reads smoking law, then tables it until May 3.
OH: Newark Update. Owners say ban will hurt business.
OH: Tobacco money for car bills. Paying emissions check fees would cost $25M.
OK: Trial dispute over tobacco settlement. Small tobacco companies asked a federal judge Monday to throw out a state law they say violates antitrust provisions and hurts their ability to compete with larger manufacturers.
PA: Don't fall for the anti-smoking lobby's tricks.
RI: Hearing on smoking ban delayed pending legislation. Fortunato postponed the scheduled hearing until May 2 at the request of both sides of the smoking ban lawsuit.
RI: Discrimination. This smoker remembers freedom of choice.
VT: Update. After emotional debate, House approves ban on smoking in bars.
WA: More funny business in the Washington governor's race. Will there be a new election this year?
WI: Stevens Point. Voters reject smoking-ban ordinance. Both sides hired or consulted with lawyers on ordinance interpretation issues.
WI: Appleton.The Smoking Ban's Impact. Ban loss before it even goes into effect.
WI: Taxes. Plan to increase cigarette tax appears doomed.
WY: Laramie Update. Bars pan smoking ban. The most colorful story involved a Buckhorn customer, a man who wanted to go down in history as the first person arrested for violating the ban. But when police arrived, "they wouldn't take him to jail," Besneatte said.
NZ: Auckland smokers get butt bins.
UK: Norwich Union, the UK's largest insurer, has commissioned a law firm to determine the likelihood of a person suffering from lung cancer winning compensation for passive smoking.

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