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April 8, 2005 Issue #323

"If you can't get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you'd best teach it to dance." - George Bernard Shaw
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Diary Of A Disaster.
Every business owner needs to read this.

MN Fighting.
(Minneapolis, Bloomington, Minn., and Hennepin County.) "It's not over yet; we've still got a lot of fight left in us," Jeffers said amid cheers from bar patrons. "Hopefully, (today's) ban is the temporary ban." Attorney Ryan Pacyga, who represents Jeffers and her fellow plaintiffs, said that he filed an appeal Wednesday to a judge's ruling denying his request for a stay on the ban. He said that regardless of how it fares in the appellate court, the group will move forward with its challenge to the constitutionality of the smoking bans.
First Northwest Cigarette Factory Opens. WA: A traditional drumming group blessed the thoroughly modern cigarette making line. The Squaxin Island Indian tribe built this plant behind to its existing casino, hotel, and trading post.
RI Smoking law up in smoke. It's back to the drawing board, apparently, for Rhode Island lawmakers who wish to ban smoking in some pubs and restaurants. AND The Senate is expected to pass the legislation shortly and Governor Carcieri is likely to sign it into law.
RICO Update: Remedies Emerging as Issue in Federal Tobacco Case. …raising questions about what the government might gain with a victory.
Plane Cancer Fears. Airline Cathay Pacific has limited air crews' flights on the non-stop Hong Kong-New York route after it was found the journey could increase the likelihood of cancer, a report said Sunday.
Wasted Money:
Tobacco money the real addiction. The federal government should ignore pleas from the states for extra money to help with Medicaid costs. They have proven that their poor stewardship with tobacco funds does not deserve to be rewarded.
PA: Tobacco money goes up in smoke. The audit is being conducted by the county controller's office.
Food Police:
Food Police Mobilizing Again. By Nick Schulz. Part of the Senator's food crusade is to push legislation empowering the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to regulate food consumption in schools and prohibit certain kinds of food advertising.
Horrifying salt! By Andrew Stuttaford. Jacobson's report concludes with "an agenda for action" that includes mandatory sodium limits in processed food, and consideration of a "salt tax" (in addition, presumably, to the proposed Twinkie tax we have all read so much about). In short, therefore, the policy recommendations from an organization often misdescribed as a consumer group would, if implemented, mean less choice, not more.
We Are Everyday People:
Why people don't think. By Cat Farmer. It seems popular to blame a lack of thinking skills on public schools, which in turn blame parents, who tend to have been educated in public schools themselves. Oops.
The Facts About Second Hand Smoke. (what non-smokers and big business don't want you to know!) By Michelle Holland. First, it might be helpful if I explain how scientists come up with their data.
Consumers not getting accurate information about smokeless tobacco.
Comedy: April Fools Day. West Allis mandates smoking in all taverns. Get ready, Milwaukee. Potawatomi Bingo Casino is about to get even smokier.

From The Mailbag:
CO: State Update. Bill banning indoor smoking appears dead.
GA: State Update. Smoking Ban Headed For Governor's Desk. …but in a weaker form than it was originally proposed.
IL: State Update. Illinois lawmakers expected to vote on bill for municipalities before April 15.
KY: Edgewood has doubts on smoke ban. Council debates business rules.
ME: State Update. Bill closes loophole in smoking law.
MN: 2005 Taxpayer Rally: Featuring YOU!, The MN Sentinel, and Governor Pawlenty.
MO: Taxes. HB971 Increases the cigarette and tobacco products sales taxes. Hearing not scheduled.
MT: Senate panel advances statewide smoking ban.
NE: Lincoln. Dozen turn out to hammer smoking ban. 27% loss. Desperate for customers, downtown bars have begun discounting alcohol.
OH: Centerville Smoking Ban Takes Effect.
OH: Cincinnati Smoke ban deal set. The choice to go smoke-free should remain with business owners, said supporters of the limited ban.
OH: Columbus. How far are you willing to go?
OH: Newark's mayor gives ban support.
PA: Publisher's error. The controversy stems from a 1988 law that prohibits local officials from passing any regulations stricter than the state's Clean Indoor Air Act.
RI: Underage Smokers. Senate OKs Raptakis bill on underage tobacco use.
TX: Austin. By Louis Black. Don't believe the crap that anti-smoking activists are selling. A ban will hurt some clubs, kill other clubs, and damage the live music scene. AND Bar owners worry about smoking ban's effects.
WA: Cigar Tax. Smoke 'em if … they're cigars?
WI: State Update. Bill may overrule bar smoking ban. New legislation currently being passed around the state Senate and Assembly could prohibit Madison's smoking ordinance from going into effect this summer. Madison Council eyes resolution opposing it.
WV: House kills candy cigarette ban. West Virginians can continue to puff away on cigarettes that taste like candy or fruit after the House of Delegates killed a bill banning their sale.
Canada: Ventilation solution in Casinos. In BC, ventilated smoking areas are the law and are endorsed by the Province's Workers Compensation Board.
Canada: Consultation Document. Imperial Tobacco Canada Ltd, Rothmans Benson & Hedges Inc. and JTI-Macdonald Corp.
Ireland: Smoking outside may be bad for your health. AND more ban loss stats.
UK: Passive smoking claims defeated. "This important case has established the difficulty of proving the ETS connection with ill-health."

Here's what the Anti's are cooking up next for your town.
And what the Anti's have in your town now to take your rights away.
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