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March 25, 2005 Issue #321

There are Five kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics, Politicians quoting statistics, and Novellists quoting Politicians on Statistics.
Stephen K Tagg
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FDA tobacco regulation... Here we go again! The proposal renews a push for tobacco oversight that was blocked last year in the House.
FDA page two. Read the history.

Internet Sales Tax and Cigarettes. Charging smokes over the Net? Not anymore. Major credit firms no longer handle online sales of cigarettes. Order your cigarettes here with a check or money order.
Another Ban Failed: Wales Smoking Ban Fails. Tory spokesman Tim Loughton said an outright ban was "unworkable," because it would lead to the closure of many pubs and clubs. The Tories wanted instead to see the voluntary code toughened, particularly in relation to children and employees.
More Bans Failed: Washington's "Clean Sweep" Legislative Victory Over Special-Interests. By Norman E. Kjono. Citizens in the State of Washington experienced a "Clean Sweep" victory over special-interests. At that time four anti-tobacco smoking ban bills, plus two Washington Restaurant Association (WRA) bills to require segregated, negative-pressure smoking areas, and a bill for $1.00 per pack new tax on cigarettes, finally died.
Another State With Common Sense: Colorado State Smoking ban may be snuffed. Senate Minority Leader Mark Hillman of Burlington said all 17 Republican senators are opposing the bill because it infringes on personal freedom and property rights.
Research Fraud:
Researcher Admits Fraud. In the worst case of scientific fakery to come to light in two decades, a top obesity researcher who long worked at the University of Vermont admitted yesterday that he fabricated data in 17 applications for federal grants to make his work seem more promising, helping him win nearly $3 million in government funding.
Don't forget: CDC Overstated Deaths.
Cosmetics. By Tom Oyler. Yep, we need warning labels on cosmetics, a few taxes wouldn't hurt either. What we really need are warning labels on studies. "WARNING - STUDIES ARE PURE BS AND THEY ARE FACT FREE."
Is the 'Truth' Campaign Being Truthful in Its Stats? By Carl Bialik. How did researchers know students were being honest in surveys about their smoking?
Error in Passive Smoking Paper. By Jonathan Fell, Tobacco Industry Analyst, Morgan Stanley. I wonder if health advocates risk overburdening the 'science' in their own attempts to shape public policy, notwithstanding the extent to which creative epidemiology is a valuable tool in helping to educate the public about health issues.
We Are Everyday People:
Comedy: Burned by the anti-smoking zealots. By Gil Spencer. GS: (being dragged from the hearing room): Dennis Quaid! DENNIS FREAKIN' QUAID, that's who! And you know who we're getting to play you? The DAD from Arrested Development! You're going DOWN, man!
Inhalant Abuse. Nearly one of every dozen 12- and 13-year-olds has used inhalants such as glue or shoe polish to get high, a government study says.

From The Mailbag:
AL: Birmingham to vote on widespread smoking ban.
AR: State legislators discuss smoking ban.
CA: Noncompliant Businesses. Some taverns violating ban on smoking.
DC: Smoking Foes In D.C. Gird For Second Try.
GA: House Approves Smoking Ban. Lawmakers from both parties loaded up the bill with plenty of exemptions.
KS: Lawrence lawsuit update. Bar owner says ordinance hard to enforce, has hidden agenda.
KY: Campbell County Alert. "Let the market decide and let the customers decide what they want to do," Kinzer said.
MD: Baltimore. Ban Proposed for Baltimore Bars & Restaurants.
ME: Tax Alert. Health advocates ask for $1.50-per-pack cigarette tax increase.
ME: Bill To Ban Tobacco Ads Goes Up In Smoke.
MI: Wayne County passes workplace smoking ban.
MN: Smoking ban foes await ruling. A judge Tuesday promised quick action on a challenge to smoking bans set to begin March 31 in Minneapolis, Bloomington and Hennepin County.
MN: Siefert backs off on welfare penalties. "This bill could be labeled 'poor people are stupid,'" said Rep. Michael Nelson, DFL-Brooklyn Park.
MO: Arnold will revisit ban on smoking in restaurants.
MO: Smoking bans burn businesses. By David Kuneman. What happened in California teaches us a valuable lesson. Spending in bars and restaurants is discretionary. No one can force a smoker to go and spend money where he doesn't want to.
NY: Two waivers granted. This is the ninth waiver granted to a Jefferson County bar and the fifth for a St. Lawrence County bar.
NY: Federal judge dismisses group's challenge of law. "We've been in this fight for a long time and in spite of the judges decision which is disappointing this fight will continue," said Scott Wexler.
OH: Cuyahoga Falls. Smoking banned for Falls workers.
OH: Fairfield Update. Version of smoking ban likely. Kinder breaks tie; restaurant owners unsure.
OH: Zanesville. Smoking ban? I thought it was a "Clean Air Act!"
PA: Philly Update. Nutter withdraws his anti-smoking bill in face of certain defeat.
RI: Beaches. A bill has been submitted that would prohibit smoking on public beaches.
RI: Adult bagged, kid punished.
RI: Tribe Lawsuit Update.
TN: Tax Bill Died. The Senate Finance Committee refused to pass a bill that would have pushed for the increase.
TX: Corpus Christi. Ban lifted until September ballot.
WI: Wausau panel develops draft smoking ban proposal.
WI: Employees who smoke face surcharge. Northwestern Mutual calls fee an incentive, but worker calls it an invasion of her private life.
NZ: Bill to roll back ban. "Roll back the excesses of political correctness."
Australia: Cigarette sales ban 'needed by 2050.'
Canada: Party rooms snuffing out rural bars. Smoking ban a financial 'disaster,' some hotels forced to close.
Canada: Class-action bar. Cigarette makers lose bid to hold plaintiffs' legal team responsible for costs in class action.
USA: Philip Morris Wins Infringement Lawsuit.

Here's what the Anti's are cooking up next for your town.
And what the Anti's have in your town now to take your rights away.
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