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March 18, 2005 Issue #320

The manipulation of statistical formulas is no substitute for knowing what one is doing.
--Hubert M. Blalock, Jr., Social Statistics
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Five More Die In Smoking War:
Tennessee School Bus Driver Shot. A 14-year-old boy was charged with shooting a school bus driver to death as she drove her morning route yesterday. A relative of the driver said she had reported the boy a day earlier for using smokeless tobacco on the bus.
Illinois Smoker Falls To Death. Ian Honeycutt, 28, of Glenview, tumbled from a ninth-floor apartment, blown off a window sill by a gust of wind while smoking. His aunt asked him not to smoke inside, police sources said.
Canada Smoking Sailor Dies. Under the pitch-black skies of a new moon, Robert Leblanc stepped into a breezeway aboard HMCS Montreal to smoke a cigarette as the frigate steamed across the wintry Baltic Sea. He ended up overboard in fatally frigid waters. He is presumed drowned.
California Smoker Gunned Down. A gunman fatally shot a man outside a sports bar in unincorporated Hayward as the man took a cigarette break, authorities said Friday.
California smoker beaten to death. He refused to hand over a cigarette.

Maryland Rejects State Ban. In an evenly-split vote, Maryland lawmakers have killed a statewide smoking ban initiative for the third consecutive year.
MSA Update: Cigarette Makers Lose Bid To Arbitrate Lower Payouts. A Manhattan Supreme Court judge has dealt a setback to cigarette makers in the opening round of a legal battle to lower by $1 billion a year tobacco industry payments reached under a historic settlement in 1998.
MN Proves Air Is Fine. Environmental Health Dept. of St. Louis Park, MN tests Prove secondhand smoke in bars & restaurants is 150 times safer/lower than OSHA regulations.
Norm Kjono: Using breast cancer to pass a ban. As the drive to implement smoking bans intensifies in many state legislatures the grant junkies and their shills in the media are working overtime. The fiscal impact of the anti-smoking legislation. AP gets it wrong, and much more!
Second-Rate Science. By Elizabeth. M. Whelan. There is some evidence that women who smoke may have a reduced risk of breast cancer given that smoking reduces the body's natural estrogen levels.
Blood Test. Margolis said her study is important because it shows a strong relationship between high white blood cell levels and coronary artery disease regardless of age, race or other risk factors like smoking diabetes and high blood pressure.
Why Don't We Complain? By William F. Buckley Jr. When our voices are finally mute, when we have finally suppressed the natural instinct to complain, whether the vexation is trivial or grave, we shall have become automatons, incapable of feeling.
Fairy Godmother Government. By Cat Farmer. Until individual choices are so effectively restricted as to render the concept of "choice" meaningless…
So this is America - 2005. By Ed Lewis. Let us please get this straight. The founders - and people for nearly the next 100 years - knew government could not interfere with their lives and their property, as government has no authority to do so.
Airbrushing history. "Who controls the past controls the future: Who controls the present controls the past."
Conservatives Selective Views. By Chuck Muth. The decision whether or not to allow smoking in a privately-owned bar or restaurant should be up to the OWNER of the bar or restaurant - not the government.
Smokers have rights, learn to compromise. By Rory Walkinshaw. The war on tobacco is not a fight to save the health of children or the public, but a fight against our liberties as Americans. This issue affects you whether you are a smoker or not.
We Are Everyday People:
Smoking Doctor on Battlestar Galactica. I'm also frankly tired of all the anti-smoking p.c. crap that we're bombarded with these days and I decided that this was a world without all that.
Prison Conditions. Tobacco-free, tea-less inmates lighting up carpet, wood chips.
No Child Left Unmedicated. By Phyllis Schlafly. Big Brother is on the march. A plan to subject all children to mental health screening is underway, and the pharmaceutical firms are gearing up for bigger sales of psychotropic drugs.

From The Mailbag:
AR: Pine Bluff. Eyes restaurant smoking ban. In the Legislature, a bill that would ban smoking in all Arkansas restaurants has advanced to the House floor.
AR: It's Time to Stand Up for Smokers Rights or lose your right to privacy.
AZ: State Update. Group Seeking to Overturn Smoking Ban.
AZ: Phoenix. Smoking in Parks.
CA: PM Lawsuit win. Judge In San Diego Decertifies Class Action.
CA: Ciggys Aid Terrorism. Officials claim black marketing of smokes now rivals that of drugs in raising funds for terrorist groups.
CA: Sniffing Everyone For All Odors. "What is bad odor?" Macias asked. "A woman who wears a strong perfume? A person who had a garlicky meal?"
CO: State Alert. Lawmakers To Discuss Statewide Smoking Ban.
GA: I fear we inhaled a pack of lies. By Luke Boggs. I have another idea for our state's Republican legislators: choose freedom.
GA: State Update. House Committee Passes Smoking Ban. It now awaits scheduling for a full vote by the House.
KS: Tax Update. Per-pack tax unpopular with lawmakers.
KY: Louisville Update. By Terry Gray. The government and anti tobacco forces are addicted to tobacco. This is a high stakes game financially but one that also has a much greater affect on the population of this "free" country.
MI: Beware of Unfair Tobacco Taxes.
MI: Michigan Citizens. Please print out our petition and mail it in.
MN: Lawsuit Filed. Plaintiffs Bloomington VFW, Bloomington Legion, Bloomington Eagles, Bloomington Knights of Columbus, Lyon's Pub and Stub and Herb's, filed a Complaint suing the City of Minneapolis, City of Bloomington, and County of Hennepin.
MN: Vets sent to front lines in the smoking wars. These are Legion members! Get the hell out of their face!
MN: Freeborn County. "The key is to get this out into the public so they know what the hearing will be on."
MO: Arnold Update.
MS: State Alert. The American Cancer Society says no formal requests for bans have been made in Coast cities yet, but plans are underway.
MT: Helena. Lawyers ask judge to rule Helena's smoking ban unconstitutional.
ND: State Update. Bar owners want to snuff out possible smoking ban.
NE: Lincoln. Businesses Say Smoking Ban Is Killing Them.
NJ: Casinos. An Assembly version of the legislation would extend the ban to the casinos.
NJ: State Update. Indoor-smoking ban proposal advances in state Legislature.
NV: State Alert. Barring court intervention, a vaguely worded question that seeks to restrict smoking in businesses and public buildings will appear on the November 2006 ballot.
NY: Gov. George Pataki and the state Senate want to limit to $100 million the amount of money a tobacco company could be ordered to set aside while appealing lawsuits.
OH: Businesses can't legally enforce smoking bans. By Samantha Phillipe. Could you please put together a state law now that says smoking bans are not allowed? This would save a lot of wasted court money in the future.
OH: Ohio State Alert! Activists pursuing statewide smoke ban. Cancer society, others seek '06 vote on issue. Fairfield Update. Hilliard Update. Newark Update. Toledo. Two Toledo Diners Shut Down.
OR: State Ban Study. Local bar and restaurant workers are being recruited for a study that could once again put Corvallis in the middle of the debate over smoking bans.
PA: Montgomery County Considering Not Hiring Smokers.
RI: For The Love Of Money. The Neighborhood Pub Association of Rhode Island.
TN: Bristol Motor Speedway instituted a "Smoke Free" tobacco policy on suite level.
TX: Amarillo. MAY 7, 2005 election. People must be registered to vote by April 7, 2005.
WA: State. Smoking ban issue best left to voters.
WI: UAW may skirt smoking ban. Wayne Co. may vote on measure that allows unions to negotiate on smoking rooms.
WV: Wheeling. Smoking Ban Proposal. The health board will meet on the issue on March 24th.
Australia: AMA moves to extinguish in-car smoking.
Belgium: Smoking ban 'threatens' up to 40,000 jobs.
Japan: Ventilation System.
Northern Ireland: Pub owners fight. The government is considering an outright ban, like the one introduced a year ago in the Republic of Ireland.
Taiwan: Fines Women. "Tobacco Hazards Act."
UK: City smoking ban 'would be illegal.' LIVERPOOL'S bid to ban smoking in all public places hit a fresh hurdle yesterday when MPs and peers ruled that it breached human rights laws.
UK: Tobacco Smuggling Is 'Out Of Control.'
USA: The Cato Journal. How State Regulation of the Internet violates the commerce clause.
USA: Online Tax Bill Due for Smokers. "My biggest beef is, unless they go after every single person that buys anything on the Internet and doesn't pay taxes, it's not fair," she says. "Right now, they're only targeting smokers."

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