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March 11, 2005 Issue #319

"Secondhand science kills business" - David W. Kuneman
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Economic Losses Due To Smoking Bans. By David W. Kuneman and Michael J. McFadden. Claims studies can only find smoking bans are bad for business when funded by Big Tobacco or its affiliates, or use anecdotal data are not true. We have shown smoking bans hurt bar and restaurant businesses 80% of the time using data from the U.S. Dept of Commerce.

Call For Passive Smoke Harm Proof. It says proposed smoking bans were based on scientific studies that had failed "spectacularly" to establish any significant link to ill-health.
School-based smoking prevention programs ineffective. Seven of the studies, including Project DARE, showed no statistically significant difference in smoking prevalence between students enrolled in school based smoking prevention programs and students not enrolled in this type of program.
Smoking Benefits:
Nonsmokers Gene Causes Cancer.The Journal of the National Cancer Institute found a gene mutation involved in the development of some lung cancers that appears to occur only in nonsmokers. The results exposed that the things that have nothing to do with secondhand smoke, may cause lung cancers in nonsmokers.
Smoking saves lives. By Craig Brown. So if avian flu does make its way to Britain, it will be as a direct result of the ban on smoking. Ergo, No Smoking Kills - or, to put it another way, Smoking Saves Lives.
Smokers Suicidal? Study: Tobacco smoking in adolescence does not appear to elevate the risk of later suicidal ideation.
MN and MI say NO:
Minnesota Smoking Ban Falls In House Committee. A proposed statewide ban on smoking in most public places was snuffed out in a House committee, putting a likely end for this year to a controversial initiative favored by Gov. Tim Pawlenty.
Michigan UAW Steps In. Commissioners shelved the proposal. UAW clout could kill worksite smoking ban. Wayne County leaders back off the plan after the union details its objections.
IL: Phillip Morris builds court building. And if the state Supreme Court doesn't soon issue a decision in the appeal, county coffers will continue to grow.
CA: Jury Clears Philip Morris in Lawsuit.
Tobacco Wants Canadian Money. Canada's tobacco empire struck back in court yesterday, arguing it is owed more that $1-million in legal costs from lawyers who tried -- and failed -- to represent Ontario smokers in a class-action lawsuit.
RICO PART TWO. DOJ Files Appeal Of 'Flawed' Tobacco Disgorgement Ruling.
SIDs Link The link between secondhand smoke and sudden infant death has been discredited in the last few years in scientific articles paid for and influenced by cigarette manufacturers.
Big Pharmaceutical:
Big Pharmaceutical. Then some really smart guys in white coats that work for Big Pharmaceutical got together and said, "Hey, we are always getting slammed when one of our drugs takes a dirt nap." "Wouldn't it be great if everyone in the world had to buy their nicotine from us?!" "Think of the money we could make... wow!"
Drug Company Plans for tobacco cessation.
Drug Company Profits. Americans believe drug industry cares more about profits than people.
Smoking Pill. Researchers are racing to develop a drug that would make smoking as treatable - and lucrative - as erectile disfunction, high cholesterol and acid reflux disease.
We Are Everyday People:
How Many Will Really Be 'Protected'? By Stu Bykofsky. Let's start by understanding that in Philadelphia most non-restaurant and non-bar workplaces are already smoke-free.
London Questions Propaganda. Dr Fitzpatrick is speaking at the session 'Is Britain becoming a nanny state?'
Bans Open Other Doors. Smoking ban could lead to other behavior modifications. Passing laws to force people to modify their behavior is more about creating a conformist society than it is about creating new laws.
Worry about more dangerous things. By Jane Younce. I find it ironic, if not pathetic, that you can light up a joint at Verizon Music Center and even share with your neighbor should you so choose, but you can't light up a cigarette for fear of being escorted out of your seat.
Father Knows Best? By Sandy Szwarc. If ever there was reason to reconsider the wisdom of having our healthcare and insurance under employment or government mandate, the "war on obesity" is it.
I am polluted. You are exposed to hundreds of chemicals every day, so it's not surprising that they get inside you. MARK STEVENSON has himself tested in the name of the emerging and unsettling science of body burden.
Getting all fumed up over smoking. By Jeff Edelstein. I'm just about ready to slip large doses of nicotine into the water of some of the more militant members of the American Cancer Society.

From The Mailbag:
CA: Now In Your Bedroom. State's mattress fire law sparks new worries over chemicals.
CA: Now In Your Litter Box. Lawsuit hits ban on declawing.
CT: Smokers, supporters to fight ban. "There is going to be a very big crowd," said Robin Potwora, executive director of the Smoke Signals Coalition.
IA: Secondhand Fat. "You don't have to be obese to be affected."
IL: Oak Park. Village Board votes down smoking ban.
IL: Senate to debate smoking. Proposed measure would give towns regulation power.
IL: Sales Tax. State demand taxes on sales via Internet.
KS: Lawrence Update. Commission to consider smoking ban modifications. Proposal would ease rules for seating on city sidewalks, bring drinks outside.
MD: State Alert. Delegate Behind Statewide Smoking Ban.
ME: Gorham Councilors Speak Out Against Smoking Ban.
MO: Maryland Heights says NO. Council wants to leave the issue of smoking in public places up to individual business owners.
MO: Airport asks to be excused from smoking ban proposal. "If you don't like the smoking lounges, you're definitely not going to like walking through a wall of smoke as you enter the airport," said airport spokesman Mike Donatt.
MO: Columbia/Boone County. A new coalition starts an opposition campaign.
ND: Grand Forks Update. City Council delays action on ban.
NJ: State Update. We don't need the 'smoke police' taking away our constitutional rights.
NM: State Update. State Senate will reconsider smoking ban through House bill. The senate voted Thursday on a similar bill that failed to pass by six votes.
OH: Bans Not Legal. Please let all your friends know and send an email today. These are these not enforceable laws. Athens Update. Chillicothe Update. Columbus Update. Fairfield Update. Granville Update. Heath Update. Newark Update. Westerville Update.
RI: Update. RI retreats from hard-line stance on smoking ban.
TX: Taxes. By Dave Pickrell. Top ten reasons excise taxes should not be raised in Texas.
TX: Houston. Organizations Threaten To Boycott Houston If Smoking Ban Passes. Proposed Smoking Ban May Affect Other Businesses.
TX: Harlingen Update. A Step Closer to Smoking Ban. In two weeks, they'll have another meeting.
VT: The truth on bar smoking ban. The pub owners in Vermont need to pull their heads out of the sand in time to save themselves.
VT: Burlington Update. The city council has reversed itself. "We've said it before: We don't need any more governmental regulations that protect ourselves from ourselves."
WI: Appleton Update. Vote against the smoking ban on April 5.
WI: Oshkosh. New arguments in smoking ban challenge. (Ban is now frozen.)
Belgium: Update. Smoking ban on statute books for 2006.
Japan: Chill out, dudes_ it was a cigarette, not crack cocaine.
USA: Internet Sales Tax Information and Updates.

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