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March 4, 2005 Issue #318

"Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you." - Pericles
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The CDC's bogus study. By Darlene Brennan. It's clear that over the concerns of its own researchers the CDC shamefully pushed a scientifically flawed study to reach some politically correct end. Since then, it has not given contrary evidence publicity equal to the original report. Nothing less than a full retraction of the original study and an apology to the American people can amend these egregious mistakes.

Scary words and meaningless numbers. By Dave Pickrell. As you can see from this example, thousands to hundreds of thousands of cigarettes would have to be smoked at once to create a hazard, even in a un-ventilated room!
Anti-Smoking Ad Fund Snuff Out? The American Legacy Foundation's "truth" campaign… is running low on money at the same time state legislatures cut into the amount they spend on anti-smoking campaigns.
WHO FCTC. The world's first tobacco control treaty, the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC), becomes binding international law on Sunday, 27 February 2005.
NY Smoking ban challenged in federal court. The Empire State Restaurant and Tavern Association argued last week the ban is unconstitutional and should be overturned because the state does not give counties clear enough guidelines to grant waivers and claims the ban is duplicative because clean air standards are already set by federal law.
Ohio Fights:
Bucyrus Update. Residents are still at liberty to light up.
Cincinnati. Decision to go smoke-free in April killed his bar business.
Columbus Bar Owners Coming Together To Fight Smoking Ban.
Newark Update. The committee heard bar and restaurant owners say the ban will hurt their business. AND Clubs claim they'll leave if ban OK'd.
Fairfield Update. City council has tabled the discussion.
Zanesville Update. Could it happen here?
Passive Aggressive in Ohio. By Michael Fumento. So did I shock them? I hope so. Somehow the multitude of studies I discussed had been "overlooked" by the throng of witnesses before me.
Communities have right to custom smoking ban. By Peter A. Flaherty. Ask the over 600 people in Toledo who lost their jobs after their ban went into effect. Ask the majority of voters who rolled back the ban there.
Interview with The European Commisioner for Health. "Action on tobacco, alcohol, obesity, HIV/AIDS and mental health should also feature strongly in the strategy."
Vehicle Exhaust Hurts Fetus. A new study of 60 newborns in New York City reveals that exposure of expectant mothers to combustion-related urban air pollution may alter the structure of babies' chromosomes while in the womb.
More Health Stuff. Electric Light-Breast Cancer Link Studied. Bacterial Infection May Cut Esophageal Cancer Risk. Poor water supply affects more people than war, terrorism, and WMD's combined. Newly discovered virus, New Haven coronavirus. Lawsuit seeks tighter federal regulations on salt.
New test results show ETS 150 times lower than OSHA TLV on nicotine.
'Rocket fuel' found in US breast milk. "perchlorate knocks an iodine ion off a protein that transports the ion to the thyroid", leading to "iodine deficiency, which impairs thyroid development [which] is thought to be the main cause of mental retardation in young children".
Risk of what?! Cigarette smokers have an increased risk of experiencing rotator cuff tears.
Alcohol and tobacco equal health burdens. Alcohol is linked to more than 60 different medical conditions, including oral, liver and breast cancers, heart disease, stroke and cirrhosis. It also increases the risk of car accidents,drowning,falls and homicides.
Inhaling Their Food. By Jessica Seigel. So those chic upper-crust French women trotting around not getting fat smoke far more than their American counterparts.
Southern Diet Frustrates Health Officials. Amid a national obesity epidemic and the South's infamous distinction as the "Stroke Belt," health officials have been trying to get diners to flinch, at least a little, at the region's trademark fried and fatty foods.
We Are Everyday People:
Scapegoating smokers. By Stephen Helfer. Howard Koh, then health commissioner, said he had considered asking that every pack of cigarettes sold in Massachusetts bear the phrase, ''You are the scum of the earth."
Stars Smoke At Oscars. If the stars need a cigarette to calm their nerves, there's an adjoining outdoor smoking section featuring five ficus trees festooned with twinkly white lights, a couple of ashtrays and a not-so-glamorous view of a loading dock. Nonetheless, the smoking area "gets more action than anything," Christopher said. Movie: 'Ray' has the most butts.
Ventilation: So Where's the Beef? By Norman E. Kjono. Why not just create walled-off, segregated, and "separate but equal" rooms for patrons who smoke, such as in Washington Restaurant Association's SB 5909 and HB 1670 and be done with it?
Cigarette Smoke Has its Benefits. By Garnet Dawn. What is our current definition of clean air?
Residency Confounds Studies. By David Kuneman. Urban residency is an important factor that must be accounted for in order to determine if secondhand smoke actually causes disease.
Crusade against smoking wrong. By Ryan Merryman. Just remember, those of you enjoying your drinks and steaks in the soon-to-be-smoke-free bars and restaurants of this nation - they'll be coming for you folks next.

From The Mailbag:
AR: Baxter County. 'Citizens United' getting organized Group to battle anti-smoking movement.
AR: Rejects Fireproof Cigarette Bill.
CT: Smoke Signals Coalition. Group encourages smokers to buy cigarettes out of state. Smoke Signals.
CT: Ban Hurts Business. T-Bowl Lanes income cut in half.
FL: Cigarette Smugglers. Bill would create tracking system.
IL: Oak Park Update. Smoking ban hearing attracts foes, friends.
IN: Bloomington Defiance. The manager has had to lay-off a half-dozen staffers because of decreasing revenue.
IN: State Ban Gutted. A bill that began as a ban on smoking in some public places in Indiana, including restaurants, theaters and indoor sports venues, has ended up as a measure to require nonsmoking sections in some restaurants in the state.
KS: Wellington. There are some issues which can divide a city.
KS: RJR Wins Suit. Smoker Loses $15 Million Award.
MA: FirmsTarget Smokers.
ME: Cigar Bill. Sen. Debra Plowman, R-Hampden, wants to allow cigars to be shipped to Maine.
MI: Michigan Smokers Rights. A new public Yahoo group for anyone who wants to talk about the Michigan smoking ban situation.
MN: Shame On You! The Antis get money to tell us how the ban is working out. Why isn't someone doing this that doesn't care about the outcome?!
MN: Meeker County holds smoking ban public hearing.
MO: St. Louis County might ban smoking in all public buildings.
NH: Tax Alert. Lynch proposes 28-cent increase in cigarette tax.
NJ: State Update. The New Jersey Restaurant Association has said a ban would force many restaurants and bars to lay off workers and even close.
PA: Philly Update. Panelists debate merits of smoking ban in city.
PA: Pennsylvania Smokers Rights. A new public Yahoo group for anyone who wants to talk about the Pennsylvania ban situation.
TX: Austin Revisits smoking ban. Even the scaled-back ordinance put in place last year has had a negative effect on many businesses. Vote May 7.
TX: Corpus Christi Update. Smoking Ban Retaliation?
TX: Houston Update. Council Listens To Citizens.
VA: When did smoking become a crime?!
WA: Olympia Smoking debate lights up.
WI: Wisconsin Smokers. A new public Yahoo group for anyone who wants to talk about the Wisconsin ban situation.
Canada: 500 Ban Protesters March.
Hong Kong: Update. Expects to Extend Smoking Ban by Aug 2006.
NZ: Ban Hurts Casino.
Scotland: A new political party formed to oppose the Scottish Executive's ban on smoking in pubs is to be officially launched.
UK: Smoking Ban Turmoil. The government's plan to ban smoking in nearly all pubs by 2008 was in disarray last night after a cabinet minister disclosed that the proposals are to be watered down significantly. Mr Hain's comments, which will enrage health campaigners, fly in the face of the Government's White Paper on public health.
USA: Antis Angry. "Top publisher of cigarette ads" gets award from American Legacy Foundation.

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