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February 11, 2005 Issue #315

The easiest thing to be in the world is you. The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be. Don't let them put you in that position. - Leo Buscaglia
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RICO Trial Win. Court Blocks U.S. From Seeking Billions From Tobacco Industry. A federal appeals court ruled today, in a big victory for cigarette makers, that the federal government could not use an antiracketeering statute to collect $280 billion from the tobacco industry.
Legal Reality Tsunami Sweeps Away Anti-Tobacco Damage Claims. By Norman E. Kjono. It just seems to me that if 50 million consumers simply choose to say no to Philip Morris, Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline our world would be a much more pleasant place to live.

Big Pharmaceutical The simple answer to how this whole smoking thing started. Big Pharmaceutical created the Antis and we are being used. As for those guys in the white coats... way to go Bubba! Not since Hitler have we seen a bigger and more messed up attempt to change the human race.
Smoking Solution Becoming Problem. Instead of smoking, she got her fix from nicotine gum, and quickly found herself hooked.
Cancer Advertising. By Maryetta Ables. The state and pharmaceutical companies are getting richer off the backs of average working citizens like you who choose to use a perfectly legal product.
GSK Sues Another Manufacturer. GSK, which is seeking an injunction preventing Nicodrops from marketing the product, also says Nicodrops has run ads claiming its lozenge is priced far less expensively than Nicorette.
How Safe are Anti-retroviral Drugs? By Thompson Ayodele. HIV victims in Africa deserve better than to have untested and poor quality ARVs foisted on them by the WHO and western NGOs. Africans deserve high quality medicines which would pass muster in the west, or risk rising drug-resistance and increasing illness. The WHO's current strategy of fighting AIDS is nothing but a sticking plaster on a massive wound, and it is fast becoming unstuck.
Pennsylvania woman brutally assaulted when boyfriend caught her lying about smoking cigarettes. He later killed himself.
Restaurant owner dies over ban. Italy: A pizzeria owner in Turin died of a heart attack after a brawl with three inebriated clients who refused to stub out cigarettes.
UN Hails Terrorist. By Clifford D. May. In the view of the World Health Organization, al Manar is doing important work by warning viewers that smoking is bad for the health - and, incidentally, instructing them that massacring infidels in good for the soul. A catchy slogan for both campaigns might be: "Blow up! But don't light up!"
MS Gov. goes after Antis. Gov. Haley Barbour has branded an anti-tobacco group as an illegally formed organization that every year keeps $20 million of taxpayer's money. "I am going to tear their heads off," says Moore, who formed the group in 1998 with tobacco settlement money.
VA No State Ban. The Virginia Senate today killed 26-14 a bill that would restrict smoking in most public areas of the state. Opponents said the bill amounted to "nannyism" and would restrict people's choices.
Virginia targets public menace: Low-riding pants. State legislators OK ban on 'lewd or indecent' underwear displays.
We Are Everyday People:
Do Smokers Have Any Rights? By Alan Caruba. Apparently not. And when the national and global antismoking campaign is successful, these same people will turn their attention to banning the consumption of meat, fish, cookies, candy, potato chips, soft drinks or anything else they decide you should not enjoy.
James Blake Miller. It is Miller's first TV interview since the end of his tour of duty in Iraq and his return to the States.
Pack Mentality: On Smoking in Public, the Legislature Should Butt Out. By A. Barton Hinkle. Here in what's left of this land of liberty, the law ought to say only "live and let live - or die, as the case may be."

From The Mailbag:
CA: San Francisco Parks update.
CT: Fights Back. Rolling smoke ban back faces high heat at hearing.
HI: Smoking ban proposal. Expansion would include beaches.
IL: More college students smoking.
IN: Marion County Alert.
MD: State Alert. Lawmakers Again Propose Statewide Smoking Ban. Previous Bill Proposals Failed At Least Twice To Leave Committee.
ME: VFW Fined. VFW was stealing customers away by allowing in the public and letting them smoke.
MO: Ban Scrutiny. Panel will consider tougher ordinance.
NC: State Alert. Eatery smoking ban proposed.
NY: Bar smoking fines.
OH: Antis looking for towns. The group that brought a controversial smoking ban to Wauseon is now considering offering its services to Archbold and Delta - but only if it finds support for a ban.
OH: Granville. The arguments at a hearing on proposed smoking ban ran the gamut.
OH: Columbus Update. Cincinnati Update. Fairfield Update.
PA: Philadelphia. City Smoking Ban Proposed.
SD: Tobacco Tax Fails. This is the second day in a row that anti-smoking forces were defeated in the Legislature.
TX: Corpus Christi smoking ban reinstated.
TX: Corpus Christi Racetrack. Venue sells too little alcohol to be exempt from ban.
WA: Revenue Rumbles. No state's portion of federal estate taxes.
Jakarta: The ban will have little effect on smokers.
Scotland: Smoking ban will cost 2,300 jobs, 140 pubs.
UK: Alert. Backdoor ban for smoking at work.
... 32nd annual meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference. Washington, DC February 17-19
... The Smoker's Club, Inc. Smoker's Rights Night . Fraternal Order of Eagles #3144 Vashon Island, WA February 17
... Indoor Smoking Ban: A Breath of Fresh Air or Business up in Smoke? The City Club of Cleveland, Ohio February 22
... The Smoker's Club, Inc. Smoker's Rights Night. The BoardWalk Heaters, WV February 28

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