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February 4, 2005 Issue #314

"Government is instituted to protect property of every sort; as well that which lies in the various rights of individuals, as that which the term particularly expresses. This being the end of government, which impartially secures to every man, whatever is his own."
James Madison, National Gazette, March 1792
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Bar Owner Sues. KS: Specifically, Steffes argues that a 2003 state law that spells out when and where smoking is allowed in public places trumps the Lawrence law. The state law allows for designated smoking areas if they meet certain standards. Steffes said the city has the legal authority to stiffen those standards but does not have the legal right to ban smoking in public places.

Anti Smoker Thrown Off Moving Train. India: Three passengers threw a 24-year-old man out of a running train on December 26, 2004, after he protested against their smoking in the compartment.
Cigar lobby aims to oust mayor over New York smoke ban. Cigar connoisseurs from New York and some of the world's leading tobacco rollers have teamed up to seek vengeance on Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the architect of the city's draconian smoking ban.
Internet Sales Win. N.Y. Suit Against Internet Cigarette Sellers Dismissed. The judge said it was "extremely unlikely" that any party other than the federal government may sue under the Jenkins Act.
Kjono On Ventilation. Smoky Story Lights A Fire. Such statements promote false health risks for hospitality venues and are often used to promote interests of the foundation's pharmaceutical constituency, including "Smoke Free" nicotine distributors. The AP article about Repace's conclusions amply illustrates, once again, the unfortunate reality that a "study" is only so credible as the vested economic interests of those funding and conducting it.
Smoking Is Only For Politicians and Kings:
Bhutan: No smoking unless you are the King!
IL: Senate Smokes. No-smoking laws apply to everyone in the state Capitol except for the people who made them: members of the Senate.
Blatant Anti Bashing:
Anti-smoking Godzilla stalks the earth. By Michael Scammell. There is a dark side to the anti-smoking lobby that ignores free speech.
Propaganda Money. By Rush Limbaugh. They've got the mainstream press as their #1 propaganda arm! So as far as I'm concerned, anytime they issue some press release or white paper or their spokesmen appear on radio or TV and their group has received government money, then they've violated the law.
Blatant Misuse Of Information. By Thora Rasmussen. They make many points to try and sell the public on their campaign. Every point is debatable, some are outright lies, and some are blatant misuse of information.
Drifting from freedom. By Richard W. Rahn. Not only is our economic freedom being eroded but also our freedom of speech, our freedom of religion and our rights of privacy and property.
Smoking enemies all huff and puff. By Scott Gordon. Can I ask the city to take action against those people who proselytize at the corner of Church Street and Maple Avenue on the weekends? I don't care to endure the hazardous effects of secondhand prayer.
Weyco Inc. Employment update. Firing Smokers. By Thora Rasmussen. Anyone who has actually followed the studies and read them will know that we are already being lied to and manipulated.
No Work For Addicts. By Terry Gray. Lifestyle laws protect individuals in the workforce from being discriminated against for how they live.
The World Is In A Smoking War. Smoking Bans Kill People. By Samantha Phillipe. What is the exact "body count" the Antis are waiting for? Would they please apologize to these people, and the grieving families for putting their lives and their loved ones into harms way? Would you like to explain to a child whose Mommy or Daddy will not be coming home that you don't like the smell of smoke? Tell someone that their spouse or child is dead because you didn't want people to do something legal in a place you never go to anyway?
Smokers Health:
Smokers Psychiatric Ailments Not True. There is no such thing as a "cancer personality," a new study concludes.
The 'truth' about tobacco smoke. Just how harmful is environmental tobacco smoke? Not as harmful as the Environmental Protection Agency or those anti-secondhand smoke commercials would have one believe, according to Roger A. Jenkins, Ph.D., consultant to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Chemical Sciences division.
Another Junk Study. A "Study" based on questions? This study significantly reinforces previous research into the cancerous effects of passive smoke, the authors conclude.
Obesity Health:
Obesity and Diet. Nonsense for the Diet Season. By Sandy Szwarc. This veritable death threat left women feeling angry and hopeless that their fat was going to kill them regardless of what they did.
Fast-food McIdiocy. By Doug Powers. Let's assume we gave the people who bring these lawsuits their way without even going to court, forcing McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and Kentucky Fried Chicken to close their doors forever. Aside from driving Michael Moore to suicide, what would this accomplish? AND The Anti Logic from John F. Banzhaf III.
17 New Cancer Agents. The additions bring to 246 the total number of substances that either are "known to be human carcinogens" or "reasonably anticipated to be human carcinogens." The report now lists 58 "known" -- including the viruses -- and 188 "reasonably anticipated" substances.

From The Mailbag:
CA:San Francisco votes to ban smoking in city's parks, only golf courses would be exempt.
CA: Lawsuits Take Aim at Ads for Alcohol. Plaintiffs claim provocative campaigns are being waged to appeal to underage drinkers. Firms deny targeting teens.
CT: Fights. The cost to the state would be roughly $275 million in taxes if every smoker abides by the sanction to purchase cigarettes out of state, Potwora said, adding the success of the immediate campaign will determine whether "we will decide to go to TV or not."
DC: Ban goes too far. We have a problem when pressure groups turn to legislators to force businesses to satisfy a particular audience - at the expense of another audience.
IA: Tax. Vilsack calls for 80-cent cigarette tax increase.
IN: Gibson County. Countywide public smoking ban explored.
IN: Marshall County. Next step is drafting a proposed ordinance.
MA: Bring back cigs. If state Senator Charles E. Shannon has his way, you could be smoking in bars again soon.
MI: KVCC hiring rule: Smokers need not apply.
MN: Smoking ban debate is about personal liberty. By Craig Westover. Either you care, or you don't.
MN: Meeker County Group Fights Proposed Smoking Ban.
MO: New Group Fighting Back. Smokers start own petition drive.
MO: Antis Hide. No-smoking backers to be anonymous.
MS: Money Fight. Some state officials have been talking about it for years-- taking millions of state dollars away from a privately run organization that prevents teen smoking.
NC: Greenville Says No. Mayor Don Parrott said banning public smoking is not an issue before the city.
ND: Grand Forks City Council to consider smoking ban.
NE: Omaha Says No. Mayor Vetoes Smoking Ban.
OH: Greater Cincinnati Hospitality Coalition.Smoking ban would harm family-owned businesses.
OR: The Taxman Is Coming! Because of this, all of the top mail-order and on-line cigar companies do not sell cigarettes.
SD: House Rejects Ban. Hennies said afterward that business owners who take the risks should not have government dictate who their customers can be.
TX: Smoke ban may go to federal court. District Judge Jose Longoria granted a temporary restraining order Monday that prevents the city from enforcing the ordinance that went into effect Feb. 1.
UT: Smoking ban for bars barely flickers in Senate.
VA: Police Chief Smokes. When told of Donley's view, the new chief responded sardonically: "Let's go after the people drinking tea and coffee and Coca-Cola, too . . . [people wearing their] pants too low. "Some things," the chief said, "have to be left for home training."
WI: Taxes. Would cigarette tax hike be regressive revenue?
WI: Weyco Inc. Employment update. Now they are warning fat employees too.
WY: Laramie. Judge Upholds Most of the Lawsuit Against Laramie Smoking Ban.
India: Movie stars are actors, not role models. A good case in point is the criticism that Pierce Brosnan was subjected to.
Italy: Thief snags Rolex thanks to smoking ban.
NZ: Parked Bus Smoking Room. Mr Wrigley said the smoking laws and other restrictive government legislation had cut his weekly takings by two thirds in recent months.
Scotland: Children as young as 14 will be offered free nicotine patches in a drive to reduce under-age smoking.
UK: Ban Reversed. The owners of Scunthorpe's very first non-smoking venue have been forced to reverse the ban after it proved unpopular with the town's revellers.
USA: New Nascar Sponsor. Casey Mears' car gets Nicorette gum.
USA: Senate Bill To Limit Class-Action Lawsuits Reintroduced.

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