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January 28, 2005 Issue #313

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. - Langston Hughes
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Damage Continues In Ban War:
New Hampshire: Clerk Attacked Over Cigar. A customer, irate at the cost of a cigar, hit a 7-Eleven store clerk in the face with a metal display rack Monday night, seriously injuring him, police said. "His face is totally destroyed," she said. Thapa said both his upper and lower lips were split, requiring stitches, and two front teeth were knocked out in the assault.
New Zealand: Abduction And Rape Of Smoking Woman. The incident proved people would be more vulnerable if they had to go outside and smoke, something Prime Minister Helen Clark had not thought of, he said.
More Ban Damage:
New York. Officer accused of hitting smoking teen.
California. Two police cadets forced to eat tobacco.
Tennessee. Couple sue over police assault from cigarette incident.
Virginia. Series of tobacco product tampering resulting in burn injuries.
New York. 60 year old man beaten unconscious for smoking.
Illinois. Assault and battery of a woman who was eight months pregnant.
California. Woman tortured her daughter over cigarettes.
Violence against persons who smoke is a direct result of federal and state actions to aggressively promote intolerance against a "target group" in order to achieve government tax and mandate policy objectives.

Canada Not Happy:
Canada's Premier Ralph Klein says smoking bans are "useless," advancing the argument on Wednesday that people in provinces with restrictions aren't healthier than those elsewhere. In a statement that infuriated anti-tobacco advocates, Klein said smoking bans aren't effective, arguing public education and anti-tobacco advertising are better at preventing young people from picking up the habit. Klein's remarks come during national non-smoking week and follow debate over the province's tobacco policies.
Smoking ban enforcers raid Weyburn hotel. Joyal said the hotel will not be paying the tickets. Instead, it will go to court over the matter sometime in February, he said.
Mouse Terrorism. Ratty test rationale. By Elizabeth Whelan. But what you might not know is that the rodent-is-a-little-man premise now has spawned unprecedented increases in environmental regulation (purportedly to protect us from cancer) and has contributed substantially to the cost of most goods and services, insurance premiums, legal fees and federal taxes while reducing job opportunities and incentives for innovation. All this without offering any known public health benefit whatsoever.
Arizona: Nazi Children Brigade. Wheeler believes the program will be effective primarily because kids can be persuasive and stubborn.
Big Pharma and the Ties That Bind: By Martin F. Sturman, MD, FACP. The Politics of Drug Promotion. The relationship between medical journals and the drug industry is "somewhere between symbiotic and parasitic," according to the editor of the Lancet, Richard Horton, who testified recently to the House of Commons select committee on health.
WHO Wants Your Alcohol. Following in the footsteps of their anti-tobacco and obesity campaigns, this week WHO's Executive Board threw its substantial weight behind RWJF's anti-alcohol proposals. While WHO claims it is trying to combat problems associated with alcohol abuse, its plan taxes, regulates, and penalizes everyone who drinks adult beverages, regardless of how much or how little they consume.
We Are Everyday People:
No Smoke, No Demons. Chicago Blues band, Vini and the Demons refused to sign a contract to perform at the Jacksonville Superbowl Festival after several clauses were struck from their contract rider, including the notorious item: "The Demons reserve the right to smoke tobacco products on stage".
Garnet Dawn speaks for smokers rights. Support from smokers and non-smokers alike poured in from across the country all evening, and the show became THE water cooler conversation the next morning.
Reponse to the American Lung Association. By Sue Jeffers. The fraud, deceit, faulty science, exaggerated claims and even outright lies are used in an attempt to prohibit tobacco use on public and private property.
A study in Swedish twins confirms that smoking is associated with a reduced risk of Parkinson's disease.

From The Mailbag:
CA: Fire safe cigarettes. Drogin said the company has reached no final conclusions about smoker acceptance. Read More about Self-extinguishing Cigarettes.
FL: Tampa. No Smoking Officers.
GA: Smokefree Air Act of 2005. A BILL to be entitled an Act to amend Chapter 12 of Title 16 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated.
KY: Smoke Underground. Miners still getting caught smoking.
KY: More Kentucky freedoms going up in smoke. They will find that raising cigarette taxes is yet another sputtering idea that fails to solve the real problem of overspending in Frankfort.
MN: Please write to the Health Policy and Finance Committee. They will be meeting to decide the first phase of the state smoking ban. Please write and encourage them to vote no on the smoking ban bill.
MN: A Thumbnail History About the Smoking Ban in Minnesota. By Robert Hayes Halfpenny. It is time that you, the tax paying and voting public, should know the truth about the anti-smoking campaign.
MS: Is anti-tobacco group accountable? Some chapters do strange things.
NE: Lincoln Defiance Again. Walker is butting heads with city officials over a motor home he allows patrons of a local diner to use as a smoking area.
NE: State Control? Bill Could Overturn Lincoln Smoking Ban, Omaha Proposal. Senator Wants To Usurp Local Smoking Bans.
NY: Cigar Heat On Bloomberg.
OH: Lakewood Update. Cities in no rush to ban smoking.
OH: Heath. Hears smoking input.
RI: Exemption Introduced. Rep. Joseph L. Faria's bill would excuse bars that don't serve food from the prohibition.
SD: State Fight. South Dakota bars and restaurants shouldn't throw out their ashtrays just yet.
TX: Corpus Christi Fights Back. Among the speakers was Clark James with "Citizens for Choice and Common Sense." He asked the council to allow restaurants to have smoking areas that are partitioned off with separate ventilation systems.
TX: San Marcos. Basically, we refused to ban smoking in all locations because of a simple lack of evidence.
TX: Waco. Alcohol, cigarette taxes could help fund schools.
UT: State Alert. Take a deep breath: A ban on smoking in bars?
WI: Appleton Again. Backers may face legal challenge from bar owners.
WV: We Are Smokin' Mad, and Are Taking A Stand. By Maryetta Ables. "When the voters know the truth and react, great things will happen."
Belgium: Cafes flout smoking rules. 43 percent of 6,116 premises inspected last year were breaking the rules.
EU legal threat to junk food advertising. Brussels asks industry to stop advertising to kids.
Italy: Sales Down 23% If the preliminary data is confirmed in a final report at the end of the month, the government may face protest from retailers over the measure.
New Zealand: No car ban here.
Queensland Won't Enforce Bans. "It is understandable given the amount of resources that is required to administer any form of enforcement."
Uganda: Police to Arrest Public Smokers.
Vienna refuses to play ball over smoking ban at society event.
The World: Listen to interviews from the Ludwig von Mises Institute.
Life Imitates Art. By Michael J. McFadden. Team of 4 S.W.A.P.P. (Smoking Without A Permit Police) officers march into the bar, all attired in coplike exaggerated uniforms with big hats and HUGE tin "Cigarette Police" badges.
Can twigs cure my addiction? I'll try anything. By Tanya Gold. I've tried Malibu, nail-biting and sex with mutants to quit smoking but now I am on essence of twig.
And a collection of humor articles from Forces International.
A Hard Habit To Break. Therefore, we established a flatulence zone, and placed it directly between the smokers and the chewers.

Cherry Pocket Steak and Seafood Shak, Lake Wales, FL, February 2
Stub & Herb's Bar & Restaurant, Minneapolis, MN , February 3
SUPER BOWL 2005 PARTY, Forces West Virginia. Free pizza, gun raffle, and more! Moose Lodge, Sutton WV
The Crab Trap Restaurant, New Port Richey, FL, February 10

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