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January 21, 2005 Issue #312

"Tobaccophobe" use this word often. - Tom Graves
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Reasonable Conclusions. By Dave Hitt. Wow, what an impressive number! What a shocking conclusion! What an amazing pile of bull$hit.

Scientific Evidence on Environmental Tobacco Smoke Does Not Justify Total Ban on Public Place Smoking. A more scientifically justifiable approach would be to focus on improving general air quality through better ventilation, combined with greater choice of non-smoking and smoking facilities.
Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. MT Smoking ban at heart of bill. A bill that would clean up a possible problem with Helena's shelved smoking ordinance almost made it through a House committee hearing Wednesday without the word "smoking" being spoken. But after 25 minutes of debate, House Judiciary Chairwoman Rep. Diane Rice, R-Harrison, acknowledged the elephant in the room, asking Nielsen, "The Helena smoking ban ordinance would fall under this, would it not?"
2005 Tax Alerts!: See what states increased cigarette taxes in 2004, and what is in store for 2005.
Internet Sales Tax and Cigarettes. They drove smokers to buy cigarettes elsewhere, and now they are trying to persecute buyers for doing so.
Freedom Or Health. By Terry Gray. This man obviously has not read his constitution. He is a threat to this country and should be executed, right after a fair trial.
"Little" Tobacco:
Little Tobacco VS Big Tobacco. So far, the amendment has passed in 37 states. Hellerstein said the resulting escrow payments put up barriers to competition.
A Less Stinky Cigarette. John Czerewko is vice president of E Tobacco. The lifelong smoker was recruited about two years ago to bring his new cigarettes to market.
Studies Fueling Hope. Research into therapeutic uses of nicotine could be boon for local company, but the road is slippery.
Free Chewing Tobacco. U.S. Smokeless Tobacco is distributing free samples of chewing tobacco in Whatcom County bars and restaurants, even though the practice is illegal in some parts of the state of Washington.
We Are Everyday People:
The Pope Gets Marlboro Car. The boss of Formula 1 giant Ferrari on Monday presented Pope John Paul II with a miniature model of the famed F2004 car which German ace Michael Schumacher drove to a seventh world championship last year.
Denis Leary: Smoking At The Golden Globes.
Don't be so quick to blame it all on secondhand smoke. By Georgi Davis. The world tried to outlaw drinking, and look where that went.
Anti Junk Food. Junk food just moved a little closer to becoming as socially unacceptable as cigarettes, with the announcement by Kraft Foods that it will stop marketing its least nutritious products - think Oreos and Kool-Aid - to children younger than 12.
CDC Overstated Deaths. CDC Director Dr. Julie Gerberding said the agency regretted that the computer error was not discovered earlier.
Book Review. Smoke: A Global History of Smoking is an entertaining, informative and absorbing book that describes and illustrates the international human preoccupation with smoking over the past six centuries, beginning with Columbus in 1492.

From The Mailbag:
AZ: Flagstaff. Council votes for smoking ban.
CA: San Jose. Smoking Ban Proposed in Parks.
CA: San Francisco. Smoking ban plan may add golf courses.
ID: Senator says ban injustice. Sen. John Goedde wants to allow smoking in the state's homes for veterans.
IL: Oak Park Alert.
IN: LaPorte Alert. Council to gather input from business and seek other data.
MA: Creative Solution. The patrons have the right to vote with their dollars.
MN: Ramsey and Dakota County. Groups like ANSR, MPAAT and others in their attempt to eliminate tobacco no longer believe they need to be constrained by obstacles such as science, integrity, ethics or respect for individual choice.
MN: Fight Now. We need to fight back, and the time is now.
MN: DECC, dart players violate smoking ban. Russell condoned the breaking of city law by sanctioning an event that's in direct opposition to city ordinance, Waller said.
MO: Ballwin. Officials in a number of cities are thinking twice before jumping on Ballwin's smoking ban "bandwagon."
NC: Mecklenburg County weighs smoking ban for bars and restaurants.
NC: Charlotte Hospitality Industry Vows To Fight Smoking Ban.
NY: A Kick In The Ash. Smokers, beware: City Hall is coming for your wallets.
OH: Fairfield Meeting 1/31/05 Residents may send comments and questions concerning the proposed ordinance to the Fairfield City Council at
OH: Bar Owner Pays. Jim Avolt added that although yesterday marked the conclusion of smoking-related charges against him, it doesn't mean his involvement in smoking issues has ended.
OH: Heath. Update. Delays smoking ban vote.
OR: Racketeering. Net's top cigarette seller indicted on state charges.
OR: Antis Want Money. Anti-tobacco funds flame out.
UT: Wants Choice. Most Utahns reject ban on smoking in clubs.
VT: Winooski. Divided council nixes club smoking ban.
WA: Feds After Puyallups Again. By the Washington State Patrol and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The agencies were assisted by agents from the Internal Revenue Service, state Liquor Control Board and U-S attorney's office for Eastern Washington.
WI: Manitowoc Alert. No alderman has instigated such a proposal.
WV: Parkersburg. Smoking ban plan unpopular. The health department is taking written comments on the proposal by mail until Jan. 21.
Australia: Parents Hassled. Mr Ould said the letter would be sent to people who purchase Dunlop Foams booster seats and cushions from KMart and Big W stores across Australia.
Bulgaria: Resistance Update. Skirmishes over smoking.
Cuba: Indoor Ban. Starting Feb. 7, smoking will be prohibited in theaters, stores, buses, taxis and other enclosed public areas.
Guam Alert. Restaurant smoking ban sought.
India: Film stuck due to smoking.
Singapore: Wants to hear from the public until February 17th.
UK: Morgan tries for Welsh smoking ban. It is, however, unlikely to become law unless the Government decides to back the bill.

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