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January 14, 2005 Issue #311

The biggest loophole in the smoking ban laws are the idiocy of their inception, and the insanity of their enforcement.
Sam Nettles - Real Texas Freedom
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Owner Sues Over Ban for 5.6 Million. Paul Douglas, who once operated a coffee shop in Whitehorse, (Canada) is suing over the city's smoking bylaw. "It opens up a Pandora`s box for them, they could have every restaurant in town suing for lost profit revenue, whatever, for that year," he says.

Smokers called "animals in a zoo" They're those smokers cordoned off in fishbowl-like cigarette pens at the Salt Lake City International Airport. And Anderson thinks the time has come to end it.
Note: Two bills already posted on the Legislature's Web site wouldn't do away with the international airport's glass-encased smoking lounges. (Foot in Mouth Award Winner #1)
Illegal Activity Planned By Antis. Lee wrote to DeBold, "I cannot believe that the Mautner Project would publicly announce that the organization is planning to engage in not only illegal, but also ill-advised, self-proclaimed 'guerilla' activities at private business venues which involve 'plaster[ing] with posters and postcards'! "Has everyone at your organization lost their minds or are you just giddy from the half-a-million-dollar grant you received from the American Legacy Foundation?" (Foot in Mouth Award Winner #2)
The Bulgaria Resistance. Anti-smoking measures in Bulgaria lose ground. "The government measures will hardly be observed. More preparations and propaganda were needed." (Borislav Kitov, vice-president of the parliamentary commission on health) (Foot in Mouth Award Winner #3. Are Antis so sure they can get away with saying anything?! )
Bars balk at Italy smoking ban. Restaurant and bar owners say they refuse to be the state's sheriffs and will not call the police if their customers light up.
Drug giants to cash in on Italian smoking ban.
Smoking Ban In Italy. Minutes after the law went into effect after midnight, a young man was fined for smoking in a bar in Naples, TV stations showed.
Get hundreds of stories about Italy's Smoking Ban Here!
Using the Constitution to Fight Bans. By Robert Halfpenny. A ban of any kind by its very definition is an abridgement of the privileges of the citizens. Bans create an inequality as they would relate to the protection of the laws.
A call for limits on children's food ads. Group wants nutritional content to govern marketing. Suggested guidelines from the Center for Science in the Public Interest would restrict ads to those drinks made mostly from juice or without added sugars, and those foods low in fat, added sugars and salt.
WY:Test For Radon. Exposure to the gas, in elevated levels, can cause an increased risk of lung cancer.
PA: Environmental Cleanup. The soil and groundwater at the plant have been found to be contaminated with a variety of chemicals, including the potential cancer agents vinyl chloride and trichloroethylene, or TCE.
EPA hasn't justified need for perchlorate limit. A National Academy of Sciences panel says the Environmental Protection Agency hasn't justified the need for a virtual no-tolerance limit on pollution from perchlorate, a chemical in rocket fuel and military munitions that has fouled drinking water supplies nationwide.
Asthma in US women sailors doubles. Women in the Navy are also three times more likely to be hospitalised for asthma than their male counterparts.
Two Studies Suggest a Protein Has a Big Role in Heart Disease. "This is missing-link evidence," said Dr. Sidney Smith, a cardiologist at the University of North Carolina who is a past president of the American Heart Association and co-chairman of a committee of the heart association and the American College of Cardiology that sets treatment guidelines.
Secret to olive oil's anti-cancer effect revealed. And Olestra seen as antidote to toxins.
Government scientists have collected millions. NIH, however, didn't order the disclosure until last week's policy.
We Are Everyday People:
Smoking Bans Cost Money. New York has lost an estimated $77 million in revenue, $50 million in wages and 3,000 jobs. In Massachusetts, a legislator is already proposing to roll back its smoking ban because of lost revenues.
Border Town Canada In Peril. By Darren C. Parro. The Government is killing jobs up here with their non smoking bans.
Brad Pitt. Smoking and single in the Caribbean.

From The Mailbag:
CO: Ban Folly. Jeanne Faatz, at this point, is the lone voice of reason on the council. She still believes in trivial things like free enterprise and property rights.
IA: Des Moines Alert. On the legislature's first day of session, an Iowa senator introduced a bill Monday that would ban smoking in restaurants.
IL: The Philip Morris Police. Ain't partnership grand?
IL: Skokie. Smoking ban impacts businesses in 2004.
KY: Study Disputed. "The people doing this are the architects of the smoking ban," said Larry Dean, president of the Lexington-Fayette County Food and Beverage Association. "It's the fox guarding the henhouse. This is not really an independent study."
LA: Lafayette. Smoking Ordinance in Jeopardy?
MA: North Adams. Health board mulls smoking ban options.
MA: Fall River. Smoking ban has restaurant owner all fired up.
MN: MPAAT Push. Minnesota's richest and most controversial anti-tobacco group has plunged back into lobbying for smoking ban laws after a court-ordered hiatus that lasted three years, and the move has touched off a new round of public criticism.
MN: Smokers United Blog. The writing of Robert Halfpenny.
MN: Scorecard. We all know what is done with 4-F's in the Army. What do you think should be done with our politicians who earn a 4-F rating?
MS: Buck-a-pack cigarette tax dies in Mississippi House.
MS: Cigarette bill that died. Also introduced a bill to restrict the sales of certain cold and allergy medications.
NY: Mr Giambra sign this Resolution! A resolution to be submitted by Legislator Swanick.
NY: Rochester. The Avenue Pub Fights.
NY: Bingo Players Flee, Dab-O-Ink and Cigarettes in Hand.
NY: Primary Challenge, in cooperation with We the People Foundation, will be hosting an organizational meeting, January 20th, 2005 at 10 AM, with lunch to follow. Location: The Holiday Inn at the Buffalo International Airport. Reservations are required. RSVP and inquiries to Leonard A. Roberto at (716)683-3484, (585)344-1797 or
OH: Toledo Ban Upheld.
OH: Hellfire and anti-tobacco sermons? Cleveland churches take up the cause against smoking.
OH: Wauseon Council eases smoking ban
OH: State Ban? The bill would be less restrictive than the smoking bans many communities, such as Columbus, have passed.
OH: Cincinnati Debate on smoking ban smolders.
OH: Cincinnati Group opposes ban on smoking.
OR: Tobacco Stings Are Wrong. The state notes that these operations are "federally required." A state that was more assertive about the 10th Amendment would tell the Feds: If you want it done, do it yourselves.
PA: Philadelphia. Street to advocate ban on smoking.
PA: Trade group opposes smoking ban.
TX: Dallas. Hotels: Smoking Ban Choking Future Profits.
VT: Winooski to discuss extension of smoking ban to private clubs.
WA: Puyallup Tribe Pact. Spells end to illicit sales. This week's agreement with Gov. Gary Locke, was years in the making.
WI: Appleton. Counter petition exempting bars may not be filed.
WY: Increase in cigarette black market after tax hike. Now they want to do it again.
Hong Kong: Bar Sued. An Irish pub in Hong Kong, which was acclaimed for voluntarily introducing a no-smoking ban, is facing prosecution for sending its smokers outside.
Scotland: SMOKERS' rights campaign group FOREST have appointed a Scottish spokesman, Neil Rafferty.
Scotland: City to recruit smoke ban hit squad.
USA: RICO Trial Restarts.
USA: Hire Smokers Please. Employers looking for nonsmokers.
USA: State Cigarette Excise Taxes as of December 2004.

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