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January 7, 2005 Issue #310

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Ban Damage:
Smoker Attacked. Alabama: He was standing in a parking lot, smoking a cigarette when he was attacked.
Man dies in smoking area. Canada: The day after at PCVS: Shock and questions.
Woman Assaulted Upholding Ban. New Zealand: Three were charged with disorderly behaviour and a fourth with assaulting police and resisting arrest.
Father Stabs Son Over Cigarette. Florida: Family members, including Anderson's mother and other children, were in the vehicle at the time.
Man killed over missing pack of cigarettes. Ohio: Two Men Face New Charges In Beating Death Of Homeless Man. Prosecutor: Death Was A Hate Crime.
Man Shot In Smoking Argument. Canada: A 39-year-old man asked his neighbour not to smoke in the hallway. He was shot in the leg below the knee.
Smoker Attacked & Raped. Florida: The attacker dragged the victim upstairs and threatened to kill her if she called police.
Smoking Teen Shot. Massachusetts: He was shot at least five times while smoking a cigarette in front of 113 Green St.
Please print out the Ban Damage Page (Deaths, Injuries, Rape, and more) and the Ban Loss Database (Money and business lost due to bans) and bring them to your politicians. Tell them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This failed experiment in human behavior is killing people and it has to stop now. Death certificates from secondary smoke exposure are zero, while death certificates from smoking bans and making a legal product un-politically correct are rising.
Bans Are Not Enforceable:
Florida Bar Smoking. Owner of a Cutler Ridge bar battles state law on smoking. A tavern owner who has fought the state's indoor smoking ban is closing his business, but he will continue to fight. And, so far, he's winning. Judge's Summary: There is no clear statutory duty for the proprietor of an enclosed indoor workplace to take any specific action when patrons are seen smoking in such workplace.
New York: Smoking bans force you to hang a sign and tell your patrons there is no smoking. They DO NOT force you to enforce the law.
Please note: This makes all smoking bans illegal unless your State or town wants to train you, supply liability insurance, sign you on as police AND make it a law that anyone they want must be forced into police duty. Your 16 year old son washing dishes in a restaurant would have to go to the police academy because he may have to uphold the smoking ban law. Remove these un-enforceable laws from your books NOW to avoid law suits. Every worker has the right to sue you when hurt, your ban opens you up for liability.
USA Manufacturers Not Paying Farmers. Judge Ben Tennille released cigarette companies of the obligation. This is the sixth year of the $5.15 billion Phase II program, which would have lasted a total of 12 years. The money was intended to help farmers make up for loss of revenue from higher cigarette prices.
Unquestioned Medical Opinions? By Eric Boyd. Throughout the report there is not one mention of the considerable scientific controversy surrounding the simple question: Does tobacco smoke harm non-smokers?
HHS Employee Memo.
Tommy Thompson's farewell gift to HHS employees, from Ed Sontag, Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management.
Columbus. Update on ban fight.
Heath Alert. A public hearing has been set for 6 p.m. Jan. 24 to discuss the proposal.
Advertising. Ohio justices reject tobacco advertising on matchbook covers.
Lakewood to study prohibiting smoking in bars, restaurants.
Fairfield Alert. "We'll lose them in their entirety, they'll simply go a half mile down the road and enjoy a drink, dinner and cigarette in an establishment where it's permitted," said Schwarz.
Divorced Men Die Sooner. The love of a good woman makes a man healthier.
Antibiotics And Asthma. UM study shows use of antibiotics may be factor in asthma, allergies.
Cleaning products 'wheezing link' Exposure to cleaning products while in the womb could be linked to persistent wheezing in young children, University of Bristol research suggests.
Genetic Predisposition can play an important role in development of lung cancer.
Radon In The Home Responsible For 9% Of Lung Cancer Deaths Across Europe.
Painkillers Damage Intestine. More than 70 percent of patients who took painkillers such as ibuprofen for more than three months suffered damage to their small intestines, U.S. researchers reported on Monday.
Big Fat Lies. The Center for Consumer Freedom. The Truth Behind the Soundbites We have all heard the familiar statistics: Obesity causes 400,000 deaths in America each year. 61% of Americans are overweight or obese Obesity costs the U.S. $117 billion a year. Find out the truth behind the outrageous statements as we investigate those big, fat lies.
We Are Everyday People:
Fear for Profit. By Sandy Szwarc. Virtually every aspect of our lives today is restricted in some way by the government and it's hard to imagine that such intrusions are based on anything but good science and good sense. But that's not the reality at all.
Ban on smoking or government control? By Michael Thibodeaux. How far will we let the government overstep our rights? This is about the government stepping into a private business and telling us what to do.
Moral Values Agenda. By Richard Maynard. At its core, it's just another "moral value" being thrust down our throats. After the last election, I've had quite enough of that.

From The Mailbag:
AR:Fayetteville. Smoking ban provided year's hottest debate.
CA:Stockton. A law that would ban smoking near the doors of publicly used buildings is likely to be amended to hold smokers -- not business owners -- accountable for violating the anti-smoking law, city officials say.
CO: Tax Issue. Tobacco tax money could be shuffled to fill deficit.
CO: Denver Alert. Council members urge new look at rule in bars, eateries.
FL: Smoker's Rights Night. The Crab Trap Restaurant , New Port Richey, January 13, 2005
IL: Obscene Suit. By Garnet Dawn. Consumers (to the best of my knowledge) still voluntarily make their own choices when they make retail purchases.
IL: Blog. Land of Lincoln Smoker's Diary.
KS: Tax Hike? House budget committee chairman Melvin Neufeld, a Republican from Ingalls, rates the chances of a tobacco tax increase as ``zero.''
MA: Private Clubs Exempt. Private clubs are exempt from the ban that took effect July 5, which prohibits smoking in all restaurants, bars and workplaces in Massachusetts.
MI: Many smokers drive to Indiana for cheaper cigarettes.
MN: Fighting for our Freedoms, Choice and Personal Responsibility.
ND: Bismarck. Democrats seek to shut legislative smoking lounge.
NE: Lincoln. Defiance. "I'm still going to allow customers to smoke. I'm still going to smoke."
NY: No NicoWater. The legal beverages contain about the same amount of nicotine as two cigarettes and now will be regulated the same as other tobacco products.
OR: Short Of Tax Money.
TN: State to tax illegal drugs. McNally said he proposed the law to take money out of the drug trade and recover some of the costs of prosecuting and jailing drug offenders.
TX: El Paso Update. Health district board wants bars exempted.
WI: Appleton. Missing papers slow Appleton drive to ban smoking.
WV: Injuction To Stop Ban. As John Gibson stated, "Smokers have rights too."
WV: Braxton County Update. Maryetta Ables, a smoking activist from Braxton County, said the second-hand smoke issue is based on junk science.
WY: Cheyenne Alert. But Councilmen Don Pierson and Jimmy Valdez disagree on the approach the city should take.
AU: Smoke ban sparks fear for swimmers.
Austrians declare war on laws. Austria's Health Minister Maria Rauch-Kallat has gotten her face pasted on wanted posters in every tobacco shop in the country above the slogan "This woman wants to take away your rights." Austria's great tolerance for second-hand smoke extends even to schools and hospital maternity wards.
Italy Organizes. While waiting for the new smoking ban in public premises to enter into force on January 10, smokers are taking actions.
Malta: Update. GRTU to discuss ban issue with government.
NZ: Adult Choice. Philip Morris said the plan "should recognise that smoking is - and should remain - an adult choice."
Scotland: 'Save our pubs' campaign to persuade MSPs.
UK: Pub cigs ban ends as profits dive.Dave Diamond, of the Blue Bell Inn at Old Ellerby in East Yorkshire lifted the ban after only six weeks.
UK: Snuff Around Ban. Landlord Phil offers regulars an alternative to evil weed.

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