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Re: new smoking warning labels:

What a joke!
If the government thinks this will cut the incidence, of smoking, they need brain surgery!!!
The last time, they had their new bold labels, put in place. they were sure that, would be an effective measure. Since then, teenage smoking has risen, close to 40%!!!!
People will just use, cigarette cases and fun-pack sliders, with positive images on them. They have already been developed!
Just tell the kids don't smoke, they'll do, the opposite, .thinking that, they are bad-asses!
They are rebelling against corrupt, governments, and society in general.
The government should, put all the smokers on prescriptions. sell cigarettes only out of pharmacies. The next generations of youngsters,would then indeed, have a difficult time starting this habit!
The only problem is.... this is about money! The govt. is addicted to tobacco tax profits!! This is just another bit of political posturing, on their part... for their up- coming lawsuit against the tobacco industry! But, shouldn't they be named as the co--defendants, in this suit? They make 3 times the profit the tobacco companies do! They call the tobacco companies: the merchants of death! True, but doesn't that make them 3 times as bad and senior partners, in the business?????
Face it, if smoking was costing health-care as much as they claim.(they can never, get the figures straight).cigarettes would be outlawed tomorrow! In B.C. we now have the W.C.B. ban! A law(unenforceable) made without consultation of the public or industry. All based, on the results of the flawed E.P.A. second-hand smoke study. the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION ruled this test invalid!! But the B.C. government, preaches these bogus findings as the gospel truth!!!
This will be challenged by business owners, who have put their life-savings on the line. They have seen their profits dwindle, have had to lay-off employees and live in dread of what the coming tourist season will bring.
With THE W.C.B.s' NAZI-LIKE: snitch-line, they have brought on loathing and hatred, between the smoking and non-smoking factions, alike! Over 600 bar and pub workers have been laid-off, in the first 3 weeks of this ban!
When will, the madness stop?! This isn't about health, it's just another cash-grab!!! Any thinking person, can see this, including the children taking up this habit!

From Craig Anctil

From the mailbag...

Three major lies in the country today:
1. I'm entitled to one mistake.
2. It will never happen to me.
3. I've got plenty of time.
J.C. Watts, R-OK Speaking to students in Bryan/College Station 1999/10/09

A couple of years ago, Jack put an ad in a local Los Angeles area newspaper looking for an employee, adding, "smokers preferred." He had a great response, about 130 replies to his ad. Just recently he called the same newspaper wanting to put the ad in again but this time he was warned that if he added "smokers preferred" that there were people ready to pounce on him. Not needing any problems during his busy season, he followed the newspaper's advice, obviously learned from experience, and left the reference to smokers out of the ad. This time he only received six replies.

If all the air pollution caused by cars were a white sheet of paper and all the tobacco smoke were a black dot, then one would need an electron microscope to see the black spot.
T. Graves

True story: A client of mine, a feisty 70 year old smoker, was finally talked into having a chest x-ray by her doctor. When looking at the x-rays with her, he pointed out white spots on her lungs which he said were caused by her smoking. She then asked him, "And what would you have told a non-smoker?" He replied, "I would have said that you have L.A. freeway lungs."

Subject: British Columbia year 2000 smoking ban!
Dear Smokers,
As of Jan 1, 2000, smoking will be banned from any work-place in this province.meaning:all bars,pubs,bowling alleys and pool halls.
Most municipalities in the Vancouver area, already had a ban affecting restaurants and hotels. Compliance except in fast-food chains,has been pathetic. But as always, there are a number of zealot- nazi-non-smokers ready to lodge a complaint. There are no alternatives as far as ventilation is concerned. No worker,even if they are smoker(s), can be in a area where smoking is taking place.
This is a sad joke.
In B.C.,the cost of a pack of cigarettes is $5.00 and up. The govt.(prov) reaps $1.90 per pack in taxes. The federal govt. $1.85 per pack. Highway robbery! (which none of goes to health-care).
B. C. along with Alberta,are the only provinces in Canada ,that do not support medical-plan smoking cessation. Our illustrious premier DAN MILLER (N.D.P.), says he will take a look at how the ban is affecting business and jobs.
If it is unworkable ,it may be put off,or cancelled. But, I thought it was all about health!? this is ridiculous, what hypocrites. The best part is ,how the govt.. has grossly underestimated how many people smoke in B.C. they estimate 20% are smokers. In reality, the true figure is around 40%, even higher in Northern B.C.
Teenagers here are smoking,more than any previous generation I can recall. Even with the astronomical prices and tougher ID checks for purchase. The government sure picked a good time for this ban. In Victoria, Vancouver Island, they have had their own ban for a year now, which is failing miserably. The only pubs which are surviving are those, who are defying the ban outright or have heated outdoor- patios.
This letter was written for anyone who smokes, who is planning to visit, or move to British Columbia, Canada in the year 2000. Be warned.
Craig Anctil.
Burnaby, B.C. Canada

FROM: Matt Rocush
I had to chuckle when I read Ginther Wilharm's letter, "Smokeless dining (Voice of the people, Nov. 12). Do all non-smokers feel it is their duty to infringe on the rights of smokers? Why would any restaurant change to complete non-smoking, thereby alienating all smokers? The smoking sections in almost all of the restaurants I go to are far removed and well-ventilated. If you don't like smoking or smoking sections or smokers, stay away from them. I don't care to share company with preachy non-smokers, so I do my best to stay away from them instead of trying to force them out of society.

Hello fellow smokers,
I have personally had enough of this government of ours telling individuals what to do. I have been a smoker for 43 years and love the flavor of cigarettes. The government has found a real scapegoat in the tabaco industry, blaming all the ills, of the American ill, on cigarettes.
Well, I've got news for them' Aerosals are much more dangerous.
This is only my un-educated guess, however they better think about it. Spray can of any sort have a laq, or some such substance, that when breathed in, will certainly lay down those little silias in your lungs and turn them black.
I kind of laugh ,when I think of these so called politicians spraying thier hair with this stiff stuff, and thinking about how great they look and smell, while all the time they are breathing in, substances that are much more harmful to them than a drag on a cigarette.
Furthermore, these taxes the politicians are putting on cigarettes, is unconstitutional, but unfortunatly, the tabaco companies themselves don't have the gonyads to challenge them.
Best Regards
Bob Erickson
Thornkike, Maine
P.S.They have just legalized pot in Maine. The Pot Head politicians must be real happy about that. I'm sure tourism, for politicians, will be up in Maine next year. Opinions as far as I know are still legal. "right'"


We are the first web site showing in an organised way the scientific and political frauds of anti-tobacco. Our powerful, well-organised library of scientific and political evidence shows in great detail the falsification of evidence against smoking, the moneys received by corrupted scientists and politicians, the institutionalisation of false information as a base for extortion lawsuits and civil persecution.

Please visit our multilingual site http://www.forces.org

Already visited by over 100,000 readers a month, FORCES INTERNATIONAL is by far the most powerful web site in the world concerning the right to enjoy tobacco.
FORCES INTERNATIONAL publishes every day authentic information about the anti-tobacco cartel and its minions, paid by state and pharmaceutical industry to lie to the public about the dangers of tobacco, and disseminate hate and discrimination against its users.
After reading the 6000+ files existing in the FORCES INTERNATIONAL servers, the readers will finally understand how the greatest scam of the 20th century has come about.
We are currently in the process of exposing more original documentation about the corruption of antismoking operatives and we are looking for help, since we are neither paid by the tobacco industry, nor we are the minions of state or pharmaceutical organisations. This is an invitation to participate to the compilation of documentation.
Help in the fight against anti-tobacco's corruption and fraud!
... For a free future without frauds and anti-tobacco"

The nannies have always seemed to be in the minority, the squeaky wheels who get the grease. More and more I find non-smokers, including non-smokers who really hate the smell of tobacco, sympathizing with smokers, or at least not siding with the nannies.

ABC News just did a poll and found the same thing - by a 2 to 1 margin people thought the lawsuits against tobacco companies are ridiculous. You can find the story at http://more.abcnews.go.com/sections/politics/dailynews/poll991103.html

Dave Hitt

Mark M. Quinn from: Chicago Tribune


The proposal by city Health Commissioner Sheila Lyne that smoking be banned in all city restaurants is both silly and unnecessary. The best way to provide diners with the option of a smoke-free environment is to repeal the ineffective and fatuous 1994 statute that requires restaurants to set aside a percentage of their space for non-smokers. Restaurant owners should be allowed to decide whether they want to ban smoking totally, partially or not at all in their places of business. City statutes would then be brought into play to enforce the wishes of the owner. For example, if an eatery were declared smoke-free and surly patrons chose to flaunt the ban, they would be subject to the appropriate legal sanctions.

Wouldn't this result in non-smokers being subjected to the dangers, or at least the annoyances, of second-hand smoke? Not at all. Given that the vast majority of the population does not smoke, many, if not most, restaurateurs would choose to make their establishments totally smoke-free. Indeed many restaurants today are smoke-free even though the law does not yet compel them to be so.

At the same time, because smokers do not enjoy being members of a group that political correctness demands be the subject of our scorn, derision and outright abuse, a niche market would develop for restaurants that allow smoking anywhere on the premises. In such establishments, smokers would enjoy their right, as responsible adults, to indulge their habit without being made to feel like bearers of some modern American version of the bubonic plague.


Although, to be honest, I have not (and probably won't) fully explore your site, I am pleased that in the midst of the socialistic big brother anti-smoking hysteria there is one site still devoted to the American principle of allowing adults to make their own foolish decisions.

To Attorney General James Doyle:

I have seen those vile and defamatory billboards, spewing the gratuitous insult in smokers' faces that "Kissing a smoker is like kissing an ashtray," with the Department of Justice and your name emblazoned at the bottom.
Well, one insult deserves another, not a carefully reasoned and polite letter that only makes your kind think you can kick us in the teeth with impunity.
James Doyle took a million dollar bribe to file a fraudulent lawsuit for his anti-smoker purchasers. James Doyle ignored the documentation of anti- smoker fraud, and spurned the pleas for justice of the victims of the biggest fraud and racketeering conspiracy in history. And then, he uses the stolen money to grind his bootheel on our souls!
James Doyle is an utterly evil man, who refuses to do the right thing, who is so corrupt that he wants to see the whole world corrupted just so that he can find a big enough pile of dung to hide himself in. And James Doyle and his anti-smoker cronies push their putrid ethos of lies and bullying to all the schoolchildren in America.
Well, I guess your kind got their just desserts in the Colorado school shooting. I hear they didn't like being bullied. I say we need more people like that! I hope their numbers multiply beyond all reckoning. And to hell with the weeping and wailing zombies pretending to be "good people," who delude themselves that they can allow evil like yours to enshrine itself as the moral ideal of the land, and still expect to live in safety.
Carol Thompson 5-11-99
Smokers' Rights Action Group
P.O. Box 259575
Madison, WI 53725-9575

To the members of the Smoker's Club,

Chautauqua County, NY--An overflow crowd of 100 attended the April 20 hearing of the county legislatures Human Services Committee which was hearing a proposed ordinance which would ban smoking in most public places unless owners put in smoking rooms that are completely separate and separately ventilated from other areas.

Of the 42 speakers, only three favored the ordinance. Of the 39 who opposed it, a dozen were restauraunt owners from all parts of this very large county (some had to travel 40 to 50 miles just to attend.) In addition, there were several waitresses who testified saying the smoking ordinance would force employers to chose between installing expensive equipment or keeping them on payroll. Also opposing were officers from the VFW and the American Legion Hall.

There was no vote taken and the hearing process was continued until May 18. The ordinance still has more sponsors than needed to pass in the county legislators. However, sources say that strong showings and communications directly with legislators could turn them around or get them to go with a compromise, something less than separate ventilation and expensive wall-to-wall renovations.


To the members of the Smoker's Club,

A letter to the editor of the San Jose, Ca., Mercury News sheds some light on the methods used by the anti-smoking lobby to generate false reports of "smoking related" deaths.

The author of the letter, Mary Ellen Haley, reported that a loved one died of adenocarcinoma. Only 17 days elapsed from the deceased's first visit to the doctor to the day of his death. The letter writer was provided with the information for the death certificate, which she took to the attending physician for completion.

On the death certificate there was a line for the doctor to insert the immediate cause of death, and then three lines for "due to". The doctor inserted "cigarette smoking" under "due to". The letter writer questioned the doctor: was he sure the tumor was caused by cigarette smoking? The doctor said he wasn't sure about that, but there were guidelines issued by the American Cancer Society, and that when a person dies of certain conditions and has smoked, the doctor is instructed to list the "due to" as "smoking". In this instance, Ms. Haley persuaded the doctor to omit the usual "due to cigarette smoking", but obviously, this was a rare occurrence.

The willingness of the medical profession to blindly observe "guidelines", issued by the Cancer Society generates a continuous stream of death certificates, validating the official line that cigarette smoking causes everything from heart disease to uterine cancer; yet, there is no shred of scientific evidence to validate any of the certificates; they are based on nothing more than official instructions to put down smoking as the cause of death!

Colby also gives the results of studies trying to determine the accuracy of doctor's diagnoses of lung cancer, based on working backwards from autopsies where lung cancer was found, but NOT diagnosed prior to death. 57% of the "misses" were in non-smokers... only 16% of the "misses" were in smokers, indicating that physicians are biased toward diagnosing lung cancer in smokers.

Colby quotes another study which showed that physicans missed 46% of actual lung cancers, and falsely identified another 33% as having lung cancer that wasn't really there. Aside from the bias, it's clear that diagnosing lung cancer without an autopsy is not very accurate. For those of you wishing to read the short book by Mr. Colby, the full text is linked from my Libertarian page, at http://www.tipsmith.com/politics.htm

Joan Beck of the Chicago Tribune did some investigating and found out that the 3,000 figure (everyday 3,000 kids start smoking) referred to 20-year-olds! Says Beck: "Contrary to what Clinton and Gingrich suggest, very few young adolescents are being lured into a cruel tobacco addiction. The president laments that 3,000 kids begin smoking every day. When I called the White House press office to find his source for this estimate, I was directed to the Centers for Disease Control, which sent me a 1989 study from the Journal of the American Medical Association. But the study said nothing about children. The 3,000-a-day figure referred to 20-year-olds." ("Cigarettes and Children: The Rest of the Story" by Joan Beck, Chicago Tribune, 4-26-98)

When it comes to misleading the public it looks like Clinton and his anti-smoking cronies lead the pack!

Joy Faulkner
Founder Smokers of the World Unite


Amphora has quit tobacco production and is now into Kaffee/Tea Houses. From 4/6/98 Fox International News: Imperial Tobacco Group PLC said it plans to buy the Dutch tobacco company Douwe Egberts Van Nelle from Sara Lee Corp. for about $1.1 billion. Imperial Tobacco said the deal will make it the world's largest seller of hand -rolled tobacco, while contributing to its strategy of building a stronger business in continental Europe. Douwe Egberts Van Nelle, known as DEVN, has origins dating to 1753 and is a top international distributor of hand-rolled and pipe tobaccos, including the brand names Drum, Van Nelle and Amphora.

In answer to your question, yes both Sail and Amphora are Burley and Virginia blends with a Cavendish cut flake. Sail has a slight perque blend to it but both are similar in taste and aroma.


To the members of the Smoker's Club,

In the effort to "protect" the rights of the non-smokers and the emotive use of children to support the issue against Environmental Tobacco smoke, the rights of the smoker is being eroded. There are 2 billion smokers on this planet. The have become the modern day Jew.

Hitler gained power by coercing people to believe that the economic woes of the world were the fault of the Jew. Today the smoker is being blamed for all the health problems of the world. Until that excuse is stopped the health problems will never improve. Since this vendetta began and smoking decreased, the health of the nation has worsened dramatically, explain!

As a smoker I say sit on this and rotate. Bring out your dead and prove conclusively that smoking was the only causal factor in a smokers death. I am sure a minority do die that way, life is a risk. Show me a corpse and I will show you many risks in its life that could have killed it.

The anti agenda continue to push only what suits their agenda. When something crops up that doesnít suit that agenda it is covered up or all the judges, scientists involved are all of a sudden incapable of logical thought.

This month a new media report come out from a judge in the US who had since 1993 when the report first came out told the world that the report was biased and not scientifically sound. I am talking about the Environmental Protection Agency report on the dangers of Tobacco smoke. On which since 1993 all the smoke free crapola has been based on. But of course just like the 10year scientific report that showed passive smoking DOES NOT cause cancer, which by the way was hidden by WHO the very organization that commissioned it, has been ignored as a load of old boots.

Okay, if this is the case, and all these new reports debunking the EPA are wrong and smokers are killing babies, themselves, their partners and children and people next to them, why is it still legal. I am sick of giving excessive tax for my pleasure to you whiners, so ban it. If you donít ban it, simply because you want our money 750million a year of it then the government is guilty of these peoples deaths, not the smoker or the Tobacco Industry, but the government. They are guilty of criminal negligence. All western countries involved in anti-smoking campaigns should be sued for trillions because they continue to allow these people to die. I can use their own evidence to pursue this I guess.

Once again I will repeat myself. Smokers cost arguably 208million a year they pay 750 million. What is the cost of our other legal drug. And donít just count diseases it causes. Count the cost of car crashes, murders under the influence and other violence. Count the broken marriages because of it and the cost of supporting families, the rapes while under the influence, do I need to go on.

Then there is the cost to the taxpayer from obesity and its related diseases which cost this country 500million a year. These people are not taxed an extra 75% because of their dietary bad habit.

And for MR Delamere who will use his race as reason for his concern and wave 31 % death rate of Maori under my nose I say bullpucky. If he wants to generalize then so will I. Show me all these dead Maori smokers and I will show you a heavy drinker, maybe also a marijuana smoker and an obese maori who also is in the lower socio-economic group and has a very suspect diet. These 31% he waves under our nose may well be a smoker but suffer all the other problems mentioned but he wants to tell me smoking was the cause. Well I say the same thing. Sue the government for not banning it. Lets put millions of American factory workers and Tobacco growers out of business. I for one am ready to be made a criminal and buy or grow my own tobacco on the black market like many other smokers would. I am sick of giving the mafiouso in government my money.
Joy Faulkner
Founder Smokers of the World Unite

Dear Samantha,

One thing that really annoys me is the way that people go on and on about smoking as if it is was the biggest and only danger to health. Your FAQ is an excellent piece and contains all the things that most of us would say about freedom to smoke, civil liberties etc., but I feel that it needs facts and figures to make it an even greater argument. I hope you don't mind if I try and put my case!
A British Government survey published in April 1997 shows that the biggest threat to society in general, and health care in particular, is not smoking, but alcohol. For every 1 smoker receiving some kind of medical care or counselling, there are 10 alcoholics receiving the same treatment. This means that the burden on medical and health services for treating alcohol related problems is 1000% greater than for treating smokers. What about secondary smoking then? Surely this is harmful to people who are regularly exposed to it? Not so. Many famous institutions have tried and failed to prove a link between secondary smoking and illnesses. But it smells doesn't it? Well, yes, but so does the guy who got boozed up the night before, and he could be emitting all kinds of smells and noises that you have to either work or live with.What about the cost in lives of the drunken driver? What about the cost to families affected by alcoholics? What about the cost to victims of drink-related crime and violence? Did you know that one drunken man in the United States cost his countrys' economy $2 BILLION DOLLARS? Yes, $2 BILLION DOLLARS. Who was it? The Captain of the Exxon Valdez, who ruined 1,000 miles of Alaskan coastline. That clean-up operation is still continuing today. What about the cost to industry of the guy who fails to turn up for work because he had a skinfull the night before? Do you know any smoker that will phone the office or factory and say he won't be in work because he had a couple of cigarettes too many the night before? The fact is, that it's fashionable to have a go at the smoker. It's P.C. as they say. Well all you smokers, just look at the facts. They're all there and they're in your favour. Give it to 'em broadside. Why should you be made to feel like an outcast? The demon alcohol is the biggest enemy!!! Good luck and best regards to all your members.
Manchester, England

Smoker's Club,

The whole anti-smoking movement has rallied around the "save our children" theme, and this is our chance for all of that to backfire on them. Increasing the cost of cigarettes is the single most harmful thing that can be done to children of low income parents. This is the TRUTH, and this must be made absolutely clear to the media. Whether you call it addiction or not, parents will buy cigarettes (and coffee) first, and low income children will suffer as a result of higher cigarette prices.

THAT is the message we need to get out.


Smoker's Club,

Money, Money, Money... Those Anti's have unlimited supply's of it, through our own tax, which was passed by a vast majority of Californians, to pay for education and to put us in our place.

Does anyone realize how effective an organization like FORCES could be with a little cash? I spend a lot of time on AM talk radio, passing out flyers and bending the ear of anyone who will listen to a Liberty speech. With a little money, we could buy time on local radio stations and purchase bulk mailing lists, these two things alone would rally lots smokers around in a common cause. (Liberty)

It's funny because I rarely meet a smoker who isn't mad about what's happening, but nobody knows how to change it, for free.



I think you may have heard by now, but AB 297 failed to make it out of committee. The committee headed by Diane Watson, a woman from East Los Angeles, killed it so it didn't make it to the Senate floor for a vote.

This woman, who has been a very active and rabid anti-smoker, worries more about tobacco than the slums and poverty in her own district. I guess it's better to keep that cigarette out of the hands of the gang member, heroin addict, broken homed, ill-educated and no health insured kid than anything else that may improve their life.

Has she been bought and paid for by Prop 99? It looks like it, with all the anti-tobacco bills she keeps putting in, when she obviously has the power to actually help the people in her district.

Ray Sasso

To: The Smoker's Club, Inc.,

Senator McCain and others are working on a tobacco settlement "compromise" bill which will, among other things, raise the price of cigarettes by $1.10 over the next five years.
This is MUCH higher than the amount which would be raised by the terms of the original settlement. This is the bill which seems to now have everyone's backing except the tobacco industry (and smokers, of course). Smokers have been completely left out of the settlement deliberations.
Now's our chance to bombard McCain with e-mail stating simply that his "compromise" of raising the price of cigarettes by $1.10 per pack is unacceptable to 50 million adult American smokers.

Please write today: Senator_McCain@mccain.senate.gov

Wanda Hamilton

TO: The Smoker's Club, Inc.
FROM: Lewrothman@aol.com

The anti-tobacco proposals floating around Washington these days scare the hell out of me, and they will surely scare the hell out of you...... because you're the one who's gonna end up paying the tab on some of the most unjust legislation in history. Let me give you a condensed background:

Last June a "settlement" was reached between various parties, including the State's Attorney Generals, and the major cigarette companies. (I know what you're thinking: what the heck do cigarettes have to do with cigars? Not a damn thing. That's the problem!) The foundation of the settlement was the concern about kids smoking cigarettes and using smokeless tobacco. As that "settlement" is weaving it's way through congress, it has now become a "settlement" to include all tobacco products - even cigars and pipe tobacco, which kids don't use. The cigar and pipe tobacco industry don't need a "settlement" - NO ONE IS SUING THEM FOR ANYTHING !! In fact, to my knowledge, no one ever has! The provisions Congress is considering include huge excise taxes aimed at drastically increasing the price of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, so that they are less affordable by kids. Unfortunately, there are several proposals that want those increased excise taxes to apply to all tobacco products - even the ones kids don't use, like cigars and pipe tobacco !! For example, one proposed excise tax would raise the tax on cigars to OVER $1.50 PER CIGAR ( and this doesn't even include all the State excise taxes and sales taxes you already pay). For pipe smokers, the federal tax alone on a single pound of tobacco would be more than $18.00. These taxes, if enacted, would not price cigars and pipe tobacco out of the hands of kids, because kids don't use them - They would price cigars out of the hands of adults.... and the money raised would be part of a "settlement" that Cigar and Pipe smokers are not involved in. We need to make the biggest "stink" we can, as fast as we can, because once a tax like this gets enacted, it's damn near impossible to get it repealed not matter how unjust it might be. It doesn't matter if you're a Republican or a Democrat, the only thing that matters is if you're a cigar or pipe smoker. Take 10 minutes out of your day and write your representatives in Washington in the House and the Senate, and the President. DO IT NOW

Tell them to leave the taxes on cigars and pipe tobacco alone. Tell them that cigars and pipe tobacco are used by informed adults like yourselves, who freely choose to enjoy these products.


Dear Samantha,

...The transaction appears to have been completely successful. The first thing I did was to fill my cleaned pipe, and enjoy. Maybe your name should be "Angel." Thank you very, very much....
Many thanks for your efficient service. ...

Hugh... (New Zealand)

Hi Sam,

... On holiday swimming in a big pool and I lost my Hire Car keys. I had put your key ring on them. Found the keys safely floating on the surface. You're a legend!

Rick... (Australia)

Dear Samantha,

Thank you for your kind letter, but I am not a smoker, have never smoked, and dislike intensely the smell of cigarette smoke. I do not allow smoking in my home, yard, nor will I eat in restaurants where I can smell smoke. It is NOT the business of government however, to force restaurants to provide non-smoking areas, or to prohibit smoking in places it does not own. If I find a restaurant not to my liking in any aspect, I can and do go elsewhere. Isn't it strange, that the more inept the government is in doing the things it is supposed to do, the more it wants to stick its nose in aspects of our lives where it does not belong.

Good Luck,
Peter Baghdasarian
(State Rep. candidate, 8th Worcester)

Dear Samantha,

I would like you to know that I'm VERY PLEASED with your company. You're very kind to include the little gift with my last order. Premium cigar smoking is one of the few pleasures I still enjoy in life - dining out & good scotch are the others. I smoked my first cigar in 1950, a J.A. "Chico" for 5 cents. I was hooked! I have been a "stogie" smoker ever since. I'll never forget the truest words ever spoken. In a garage I was working in, an older fellow said, "Once you start on the expensive, hand rolled cigars kid, you'll never go back." How true, how true. When I was younger I remember I could smoke anyplace, excepting church and the movie theatre. Now it seems many people that see me smoking make comments, cough extra loud, or make faces. All these P.C. morons have jumped on the anti-smoking bandwagon. ... Someday, if I ever do suffer consequences from smoking cigars and God lets me "off the hook" I'd only do it again. Just walking into a place and smelling cigar smoke, I've got to have one too. Talk about the power of suggestion. Thank you again. I feel I can relate to you - good luck, and I hope your business continues to prosper.

Yours Truly,
Fred ...

Dear Samantha,

... On a personal level, I am a cigar smoker and subscriber to Cigar Aficionado magazine. I am always looking for places INDOORS to enjoy a good cigar. I have been relegated to my car, as the only place to be in from the rain. Unfortunately, a good cigar lasts longer than my typical ride. The result is destroying a good smoke by relighting it. I will support anything you do to preserve my right to make a choice as a free adult and American. It continually surprises me, how often we must take a stand to preserve our freedom; the foundation of this nation! ...

Joseph ...

Dear Smoker's Club,

Thank you very much for such quick service! I am not able to get to the store easily, due to bad back problems. It is a blessing to have my cigarettes delivered right to my door. Keep up the great work and please send some extra order forms in the next order.

A happy member,
Joan ...

Dear Members,

I am writing to tell a different side of the right to smoke issue. I am a Mic-Mac Indian. Native Americans take the right to smoke one step farther in our belief and that is the use of tobacco in our religion.
Our prayers are carried up with the smoke. If you have ever seen a sacred pipe (what you may call a peace pipe) they almost always have feathers of an eagle or a hawk on the stem, to carry our prayers to awasso (heaven).
The sacred tobacco (kinnikanikki) is not used to ask the creator for anything, but to give thanks for everything.

Azo Guizo Maqua

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