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Corona - 5 1/8 x 42

Corona Especiale - 6 1/2 x 42

Corona Minor - 4 x 42

Churchills - 7 x 49

Crystal Corona - 5 1/2 x 42

Lonsdale Grandes - 6 1/4 x 47

Robustos - 5 x 49

Robusto Fino - 4 3/4 x 47

Triangulo - 6 x 54

History: manufactured by Diaz y Cia since 1978
Years in development of new blend: 6
Nature of blend: 3 varieties of Cuban seed
Wrapper: grown in Cameroon, West Africa
Binder: Jember
Characteristics: rich yet not harsh
Origin: Santiago, Dominican Republic

This new Dominican cigar bearing the Cohiba brand name is the only Cohiba that can legally be imported into the United States. Made in the Dominican Republic by General Cigar's Diaz y Cia, with the world's best Camaroon wrappers and the supplest of Jember binders as well as a new blend of three varieties of Cuban seed, the Cohiba of today is destined to become the cigar of tomorrow.

Available at "The Smoker's Club, Inc." 
one of a select group of premium cigar shops nationwide to carry the
Dominican Cohiba - from General Cigar Company.
Email Cohiba questions to:  The Cohiba Man




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