The Cigars of Tony Borhani

Bahia - The Cigars of Tony Borhani 

Bahia Vintage Collection
Bahia - The Cigars of Tony Borhani Wrapper: Ecuador (Connecticut seed) 
Filler: Nicaragua (Cuban seed) 
Binder: Nicaragua (Cuban seed) 

Bahia Vintage Collection was introduced into the USA in 1994, causing a revolution in taste and appreciation of the world's finest cigars. These cigars were made of Cuban seed tobacco grown in Nicaragua of the 1988 harvest with a total production of 40,000 cigars.

Bahia Trinidad
Bahia - The Cigars of Tony Borhani Wrapper: Ecuador (Sumatra seed) 
Filler:Nicaragua & Dominican Republic (Cuban seed) 
Binder:Ecuador (Sumatra seed) 

Bahia Trinidad was introduced to the US market in December of 1996. The beautiful Sumatra seed Wrapper from Ecuador, made the cigar shine as the brightest star in every retailer's humidor throughout USA. The very aromatic Dominican Seco, blended with the ever flavorful Ligero of Nicaragua resulted in a delicious, mild, full bodied and aromatic cigar, representing the highest quality tobacco grown in the best growing regions in the world, for that particular leaf.

Bahia Gold
Bahia - The Cigars of Tony Borhani Wrapper: Ecuador (Connecticut seed) 
Filler: Dominican Republic 
Binder: Dominican Republic 

Bahia Gold was first introduced in June 1997. Tony Borhani and Don Douglas took two full years to develop the Bahia Gold. This blend represents the smallest production of Bahia Cigars totaling 300,000 cigars each year. The filler and the binder for this cigar come from a very small farm in Dominican Republic, the wrapper represents the best Ecuador has to offer. This full bodied, strong cigar showcases the other style of cigar making, using Dominican tobacco.

Bahia Maduro
Bahia - The Cigars of Tony Borhani Filter: Nicaragua 
Binder: Nicaragua  
Wrapper: Connecticut Broad Leaf 

Bahia Maduro uses the finest Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper to create the blend with all Dominican filler and binder, this cigar has earned the highest reviews in different   publications and also among the retailers and consumers, the current production of this blend does not exceed 300,000 cigars a year.




The Perolo Collection - More Than an Ashtray - A Work of Art

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